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Oct 1, 2007 06:30 AM

Baltimore 'Hound coming to Duluth, GA

I'll be in Duluth, GA the latter portion of this week for a conference at the Gwinnett Center. (Catalyst Conference, anyone going?) Anywho, looking for some can't miss dinner and lunch recommendations. I noticed that a quick search of the board didn't offer much in the way of suggestions, so I would appreciate any help.

I am primarily looking for good "local" food, but a good Sushi rec wouldn't hurt either...


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  1. Sushi: Haru Ichiban (3646 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096) Best sushi bar in Atlanta, in my opinion. They also have excellent food from the kitchen.
    There are some great Korean restaurants in Duluth, too, I like Jang su Jang (3645 Satellite Blvd Duluth, GA 30096) and Gam Mi Ok (3230 STEVE REYNOLDS BLVD #107, DULUTH , GA 30096). Most of the restaurants in Duluth are Asian, other than the ubiquitious chains, but the Loafing Leprechaun (6320 Sugarloaf Pkwy Duluth, Georgia 30097) is a pretty tasty Irish Pub.

    1. Try Palace restaurant for Indian Food (6131 Peachtree pkwy norcross, GA 30092). I like Jang su jang for korean as well.

      1. Duluth lacks in good "local" food. Even Bob's Home Cookin' is run by are most of the sushi joints.

        My favorite sushi place is "Arigato Sushi & More To Go" (although I don't know what the 'more' is) it's on Peachtree Industrial Blvd about 2 miles past Sugarloaf. In the same shopping plaza is J. Christopher's which is an excellent place for breakfast all day, although somewhat pricey as eggs go (expect to pay $10-$12).

        I second Loafing Leprechaun. Good place for a draught guinness and some comfort food. The beer cheese soup is yummy.

        1. Duluth is a tough area for "fine dining". It is a nice area though there are just many chains. If you can make it over to Norcross there is a great restaurant called Grace 17.20, Excellent service and very good food. There is Vreny's Biergarten, good German food. I will have to keep thinking on this one,
          Have a good visit!

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            Ooh! Vreny's at Kurt's. And it's Oktoberfest too!