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Oct 1, 2007 06:20 AM

NY Style Jewish Deli and Chinese Food in Asbury Park Area

How can we live an hour south of NYC and not be able to find good Chinese and Jewish style deli food- Years ago, we could count on Imperial Palace in Ocean Township ( where Wegman's is today or George Lu's in Manasquan) or a decent deli where I could get a nice pastrami sandwich, knish, and a black and white cookie for dessert- Is there anything in the Monmouth County shore area worth checking out???

Appreciate your recommendations

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  1. About 15-20 years ago, I used to eat at Richard's Deli in West End (Long Branch) regularly for pretty good Jewish style deli. Haven't been there much in recent years and don't know whether it has held up. May need to do some catering from Richard's in the near future, so would appreciate any recent info.

    As for Chinese, Far East Taste is quite good but not necessarily for the usual Chinese-American choices, but for thai, whole fish, dumplings, etc.

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      Try Fred and Murrays in Freehold or Jessie and Davids in Marlboro

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        I have to disagree regarding Fred and Murrays. I've been there numerous times and have had, at best, bad to mediocre food (including one inedible pastrami sandwich), although the french fries are delicious. I've been to Jessie and Davids a handful of times and found it fine, but nothing great. I've had decent, but certainly not *great* pastrami there (although I know RGR speaks highly).

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          I wouldn't call the pastrami at Jessie & David's "great." However, I always ask for the fattiest they have on hand, and if I luck out (as I did a few weeks ago) and they manage to have pastrami with sufficient fat, it's very good. So, while it can be a bit hit or miss, I think it is the best we can do in the immediate area. Still, it will never equal Katz's, in NYC, which is all about superb pastrami.

          P.S. Even if Fred and Murray's offered to give me a free pastrami sandwich, I wouldn't eat there because I do my best to avoid wasting precious calories on food that sucks.

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            RGR..I must agree, I wouldnt waste my calories on the lousy deli at jessie and davids or fred and murray..katzs is still the best!

    2. For deli, I would travel a bit farther north and go to Harold's in Edison.

      1. So I do appreciate all your feedback, but from what everyone is telling me so far, I just assume have to shlep into manhattan to find a great deli or chinese restaurant.

        It still behooves me that with all the wealth in Monmouth County, a substantial Jewish and Asian population, and the proximity to NYC, that it is still impossible to find a really good deli or chinese restaurant on the Jersey shore......let alone a good bakery anymore

        I'm seeing business opportunity before my eyes!!!!!!

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          Just want to reiterate jfsein's mention of Far East Taste in Eatontown. I think their food is really good. It is not a typical Chinese menu. They have their own interpretations of Thai dishes. And whole fish. It's a very casual place. I usually get take-out. I like Basil fish or Tracey fish, Tom Yam bean curd soup. If you go, ask the owners to recommend the best dishes. Don't order from the conventional menu.

          Another good Chinese... you might want to try West Lake in Matawan. There have been many positive recommendations on this board. Do a search on "west lake"

          Lastly, but not leastly, I like Shanghai Bun in on RT 34 in Matawan. There are several Chowhounds who might disagree. It's a little joint with zero ambience. They make their own delicious noodles. Go on a cold day and order a noodle soup from their dim sum menu. I like sliced pork with pickled radish, or Shanghai wonton. Do not go when it's crowded. The food suffers when the kitchen is rushed. See my soup photos:

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            Since we're talking Jewish delis, I presume your complaint that a good bakery is lacking refers to one that is Jewish-style? In that regard, I find that Salomon's, in Manalapan, fills the bill quite nicely. Very good danish, rye bread and challah. They also make an excellent seven layer cake. And then, there's my favorite: their seriously delicious chocolate covered marble cake. Yum!!

          2. I used to love Richard's as well, but haven't been there in years--they are still very busy. First place I ever ate latkes!

            1. In Deal on Park Avenue near the train tracks there is an excellent Jewish Deli. The name escapes but it is in a strip mall and when a family friend died who was Jewish that is where all the food came from. My SIL who is Jewish thought it was very good.

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                I think the deli you are reffering to is Mezanobah (spelling?) and its actually in Elberon near the Elberon train station...right?

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                  It very well could be. It was probably 3 years ago. All I remember is it was right over the train tracks on the left side if you were driving down Park Avenue towards 35. Or it would have been right before the train tracks on the right, if coming the other way. I also remember a sign for Kosher Gelat(?sp} Chicken near it that may have been fairly large.

                  There used to be a place in the strip mall in Aberdeen a couple of stores down from the Aberdeen Toy Store that was good but it has moved or went out of business.

                  If I have to get a fix I make it a habit to hit Goldens on SI or Harolds in Edison. If it is Goldens I also try and hit Alan and Andrews as they have a great 2 for 1 on Sundays.