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Oct 1, 2007 05:58 AM

SF Restaurant recommendation please!!

Looking for a restaurant in SF which has great food, is not really expensive (entrees $30 or less), and is modern in design/fitout. Have been looking at Perbacco?
Not fussed on the type of food (we like everything :o))
Thank you so much in advance...

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  1. Perbacco works.

    A16 and Slanted Door would be my top 2 choices.

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    1. re: whiner

      thank you v. much. will check them out!

      1. re: whiner

        I second A16 and would add Delfina to the list.

        1. Recently had a great experience at Spruce, which is beautiful inside, but the entrees are pushing that limit ($26-$28 avg price)