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Oct 1, 2007 01:13 AM

Finally a bad meal at Dr. Hogly Wogly

After eating at Dr. Hogly Wogly Tyler Texas BBQ about a thousand times over 35 years, I finally got a bad meal! I prefer beef, and love the brisket there and rarely was disappointed. I had a weird desire for spare ribs, so at about 7:30 last Saturday I ordered the regular spare rib dinner. they came dry and chewy, but it tasted okay. As I worked half-way down from the long ribs toward the tip end it got worse; drier, tougher and less tasty. Finally, as I was trying to eat toward the tip, I accepted that it was terrible and I should have sent it back, but after I'd eaten more than half of it, that seemed not an option. BTW, my girlfriend's brisket was excellent as usual. The bread, cole slaw, beans and the service were all excellent, but those ribs, ay caramba!

Now I see how someone who was served that on their first visit would write one of those scathing bad reviews the Dr. HW regularly receives.

Regardless, that was one meal out of a thousand (okay several hundred) I forgive the Dr. and I will soon return, but I'll stick with the beef..

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  1. People do seem to either love it or hate it here. What are the prices like now, (we haven't been in a couple of years)?

    1. I've had that same experience --and I LOVE it there, that is, I love the beef. The chicken is huge and never very moist or tasty, the spare ribs generally dry--Inevitably I'm there with someone who say's but what about the chicken, the pork..., they're always disappointed. As you say, it's about the beef. The beef ribs and the brisket are the way to go. They are consistantly juicy and delicious. I know part of it is their crack-a-licious marinade, but damn they know their way around beef.

      1. Yes, I stick with the beef ribs there. I crave them regularly. I also like the cole slaw quite a bit. I find the spare ribs to be average, at best.

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          I don't care for the brisket and links but I am a minority I believe. I do wish the side dishes were larger. I like a lot of slaw with my ribs. Kinda goes hand in hand to me.

        2. I have been many, many times to Dr. H.W. mostly from the about 1979 - 2003 and not since. I never ordered the Brisket but when I sampled GF's it was kinda dry, I like it juicy like I've had it in TX! The Beef Ribs were almost always excellent with some of their spicier BarBQ Sauce and they became my staple because when I had Pork Ribs or Chicken as part of their 3-Meat Combo they were usually, again, dry - not juicy. I did love the Mini Loaf of Bread and thought that the Baked Beans were good. Desserts were just ok.