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Oct 1, 2007 12:25 AM

Royal Persian Grill: Teaneck, NJ

This is a nice little gem in Teaneck's complement of Kosher restaurants. Kosher Pizzerias, we've got. Falafel, definitely. Chinese, yes. Steakhouse, yup. Italian, yes. BBQ, yessiree. Kosher Deli? Forgeddaboutit!

At last, a restaurant that pushes the Kosher envelope (well, at least in Bergen County NJ). Royal Persian Grill offers savory, delicately spiced Persian Stews, hearty and spicy Yemenite Beef Soup, crunchy and delicious Moroccan cigars, etc. The place is great, service is friendly and prompt. I wish them success, and hope to see more of these types of Kosher restaurants.

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  1. I happened to notice an ad for Royal Persian this weekend advertising a Sukkot special now with $5 shwarma and schnitzels for take-out.

    Has anybody tried the shwarma there? How does it rate?

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      I had the $5 shwarma and schnitzel specials. The food was excellent! Very tasty. Not bland. The pita was STUFFED!