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Oct 1, 2007 12:05 AM

Best Sushi in Honolulu

What's your nomination for best sushi in Honolulu? By tonight's experience, Akasaka, between Atkinson and Kapiolani, still has excellent fish, but the service and atmosphere are declining. Where else do you recommend for a Japanese experience?

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  1. Well, it depends upon your critieria. There are numerous threads on this topic on this board. If you seek fine dining sushi, current reports (I haven't been) from reliable sources place the new Nobu Waikiki as serving exceptional sushi. Since I am less concerned about the setting and focus on the food, I like Mitch's in the Airport Industrial Park.

    1. My personal favorite is Imanas-Te on Beretania by University and behind Puck's Alley. I think it's some of the best sushi I've had anywhere.

      Yanagi has always been a solid performer and the half-price after 10:30pm sushi at Sansei is always fun.

      1. Yohei on Dillingham is very very good. Amazing omakase with some of the most creative (in a japanese, not california-way) combinations I've seen. very memorable food experience. service is great as well, with a lively sushi bar.

        the new place on King, Gaku, is also very good, but more izakaya fare.

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          ok... i know i like sushi (and sashimi) but the technical terms get me. I know what cone sushi is, as opposed to a roll. Would you mind giving those of us who are a bit culturally impaired a brief/simple vocabulary lesson. omakase? izakaya? any other "important" words we should have a basic understanding of? maybe this should be in a different topic area. i will try to look at that possiblity. and repost... maybe on general chowhounding topics.


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            KM, I'm no expert, but I'll give this a shot just for fun. Hopefully some other hounds will add to this list and correct me if I'm wrong. This is just off the top of my head so:

            nigiri sushi; rice with a topping (usually fish but not always).
            maki sushi; sushi rolled with nori in that bamboo sheet, such as California rolls.
            te maki; hand rolled sushi.
            gari; the pickled ginger that's served with nigiri sushi.
            murasaki; soy sauce served at a sushi bar.
            omakase; chef's pick of what is freshest that day.
            izakaya; drinking establishment that also serves food, usually tapas or pupu style rather than a formal meal.

            That's all I can think of at the moment.

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              mahalo CG
              got some more responses on the general chowhounding board as well