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Sep 30, 2007 09:22 PM

Any caramel or cheese popcorn like Garrett's from Chicago?

Prefer Westside sources.

Just came back from Chicago and had some of Garrett's caramel and cheese popcorn. It's the kind of food that the first bite is just okay, and subsequent bites become jumbo handfuls as you realize, holy crap this is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD.

I know I can mail order it, but it wasn't as good even day-old as it was on the first day.

Any suggestions for good popcorn would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Not westside, but Popcornopolis at Universal.

    Other posters have recommended the Alhambra Farmers' Market on Sundays and the downtown 7th/Fig Friday market, and i betcha there are others too that sell it...

    1. I will be in Chicago the end of this month. Where is Garrett's?
      Also, the only popcorn I have had that is "Chicago style" is at the Alhambra Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings as Emme mentioned above. It is definitely addictive!! ;-)

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        Chicago hound here - this post got my attention as soon as I logged on!

        Garrett's has several locations in Chicago, but the most prominent is on Michigain Avenue (the "upper" end near Chicago Ave. and Michigan - it's right next to a Starbucks on the west side of Michigan, FWIW). Another location is on Randolph St. just inside the loop (and next to Ford Theater where Wicked is playing).

        Hope that helps - and I certainly hope you get some Garrett's! It truly is good stuff.

        1. re: DKS1

          Sorry, like DKS1, I'm a Chicagoan and this thread immediately got my attention too! Another Garrets location that generally isn't so nutso crazy as the one mentioned above is the Garrets on State and Jackson. By the Harold Washington Library and a couple of blocks west of the Art Insititue.

          It's a little bit of heaven in your mouth, Garrets is. I hope you all get some in LA. As for mail order, I sent tins of it to my clients in San Franisco and they still rave about it.

          1. re: lbs

            I am definitely going to get me some when I visit!! Thank you! ;-) Is there a location near Chicago Midway?

            1. re: WildSwede

              I'm not sure but I don't think they do.

      2. i can't offer any help, only sympathy... my husband brought home a bucket of Garret's Caramel Popcorn from a biz trip last week, & i ATE THE WHOLE THING it was sooooo good.

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        1. re: monalisawoman

          Can I hear more about this Chicago style popcorn at the Alhambra farmer's market? What flavors do they have? Does it really come close to Garrett's?

          By the way, Garrett's now has a store in NYC as well! Doesn't help LA foodies, but in case you are there. . .

          1. re: SouthernFoodie08

            i am in deep trouble then. Better get out the elastic pants.

            1. re: SouthernFoodie08

              Unfortunately, I have never had the Garrett's version (but will after 10/30!) so I cannot compare. I thought it was good, though and it is definitely addictive!! They have jalapeno, kettle corn, cheese, caramel, mixed, others that I cannot recall in addition to the Chicago - cheese & caramel together.

          2. Go ahead and order it by mail. I did so last year and it was fabulous. Everyone here said it was the best they had ever eaten.

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            1. re: brandygirl

              is it possible that the vendor at the Alhambra farmer's market sells it at any other farmer's market or in any store?

              1. re: SouthernFoodie08

                Not the same guy I'm sure, but the Studio City farmers' market has a great popcorn vender, with the huge kettles cooking up the fresh stuff. You just have to tolerate those horrible pony rides a few yards away.