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Sep 30, 2007 08:00 PM

Sunday Night Dinner?

My husband and I will be heading to Chicago to celebrate his birthday, albeit briefly. Unfortunately, we'll only be there for one evening, a Sunday night. Any suggestions of a special restaurant that is open on Sundays? We're thinking about Boka, MK, Naha, Lula's Cafe, or the Custom House. Another difficulty is that we don't eat meat or poultry...

thanks so much for the suggestions!

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  1. Go to Green Zebra. It's mainly vegetarian, and the atmosphere is serene and sleek. The food is outstanding! It's also in a very neat part of town.. very diverse.

    MK is also a great idea, and one of my favorite restaurants.

    I haven't been to Boka or Custom House. I really like Lula's but wouldn't recommend them for dinner as it is more casual of an atmosphere. I have been to Naha a few times for lunch- and while everything is good, I don't think there is anything special about it that says "Birthday celebration".

    1. I'd take Custom House off, since altho there are seafood selections, the focus is on meat there.

      Replace it with Spring, also run by Shawn McClain, which is far more eclectic:

      Green Zebra is also a good rec, if you're primarily interested in vegetarian, altho reservations can sometimes be difficult.

      1. There's a comprehensive list of special restaurants open on Sundays in this topic:

        Other than (obviously) the steakhouses, any of the places listed there are fine for those who don't eat meat, with plenty of seafood as well as vegetarian choices on the menu. If you want a real "splurge" type place, you can choose from Alinea, NoMI, or Spiaggia. Otherwise, if I had to choose one place for a special celebration, it would probably be North Pond; not only is the food excellent, but the setting in the park is unique. And it has a few more veggie-oriented choices than typically found, as you can see from their menu at

        1. I would second the recommendations for either Spring or North Pond. Spring is predominantly seafood/fish and North Pond emphasizes local, organic ingredients which inherently means they'll have at least one outstanding vegetarian option and at least one or two fish/seafood dishes.

          To me, North Pond feels a little more special, but both places will give you a wonderful dining experience. As a previous poster stated, however, North Pond is quiet and charming and indeed in a unique location. It's also slightly pricier - but worth it, IMHO.