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Sep 30, 2007 07:56 PM

Paris - woman in a bar alone...not good idea?

Okay, so I'm going to Paris in a week (solo, leaving the darling husband at home cause part of the trip is business) and my sister just returned from there. She said that a a woman having a drink in a bar alone is frowned the point of "you shouldn't do it." I guess it is okay to have a drink in a restaurant, but not in a bar.....sigh....

So I had places like Willy's Wine Bar, Wine and Bubbles, Frog and Princess (I think this is a pub) Moose Bar (probably okay cause it's ran by Canadians) Le Dernier Goutte (wine shop next to La Boissonnierer) and Jacques Melac Wine Bar (part of Bistrot Melac??) on my list.

Are these okay to go to alone as a woman? Please advise :)


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  1. I go to Willi's by myself all the time... and Juveniles and anywhere else I want to go. I've never heard of that. I think it's the way one comports oneself....

    (and btw, Willi's and Juveniles are both owned by Brits).

    1. You have to understand, howver, that, in France, not paying attention and showing interest for a woman alone is rude.

      1. Quite an eclectic selection. The Frog and Princess is a take on a British pub (and part of a chain), and the Moose Bar is a take on a Canadian pub - both great for watching the rugby and drinking large amounts of beer. Good if this is what you want.

        Willi's is a restaurant with a bar you can sit at - it is fairly quite though. Better to go to Fish (La Boissnnierer) which is similar but with a more lively bar, you can sit, eat and chat, there are often solo female diners there. Le Dernier Gout is a great wine shop but not a bar, it does tastings but it is a shop, it is also approx 500 meters from Fish not next door.

        Generally the restaurant/cafe scene in Paris is good. Most people who want to relax and have a drink head to a cafe, take a seat and watch he world go by. I don't think anyone would give you a second glance if you did that alone. There are lots of great cafe (bars) that are good for this, choose a nice location with a good view and people watch.

        Bars are slightly different, they tend to be more drinking orientated, some cocktail bars in hotels (The Ritz), cheap studenty drinking places, or pre-cursors to a night of clubbing (the gay scene in the Marais for example).

        1. Juveniles and Fish are great and you will have no problem being a woman alone in either.

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            never had a problem but i mostly did cafes and wine bar/restaurants. had much fun at le coude fou in the marais on rue bourg tibourg. really good food and relaxed atmosphere. went twice while i was in paris for a week alone. just go and have fun!

          2. You can definitely go have a drink anywhere you want just remember that French women (actually most southern european women in general) don't get drunk or drink a lot, at least in public. French women also usually tend to drink a glass of wine, rather than hard liquor. This is kind of old fashioned and of course there are plently of french women who drink and get crazy but I think that it is culturally frowned upon more than it is here in the US or in northern europe. Most of the places that you mentioned are not French places anyway so there will probably be other women having drinks so it should be just fine!