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Sep 30, 2007 07:32 PM

GE Cafe Series...or any all stainless cook top stove

Does anyone have the new GE Cafe series stove? The cook top is all stainless and I'm wondering how hard that is to keep clean. I currently have an enamel cook top which isn't too bad to clean. I'm just not sure how all stainless will hold up? thanks

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  1. i have a dcs cooktop and a stainless steel hood, backsplash and part of my counter also in stainless. very very easy to keep clean. i use simple green spray and just wipe. occasionally i use stainless steel polish which helps to deter fingerprints. otherwise its a breeze to keep clean.

    1. Funny, someone said below that they use Simple Green and occassionally use a stainless steel polish. Simple Green actually makes a stainless steel cleaner & polish, all in one (label says non-toxic, like the green stuff). I buy it at my grocery store (Ralph's/Kroger) and use it just about every day. I cook a lot and have stainless cook top/range and besides cooking splatters, it also gets fingerprints, smears from where I try to wipe up as I'm going... after all is said & done, a few sprays, a wipe with a soft towel, and all is well. You should try it - makes clean up a snap, and it looks nice in between, too.

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        any problems with food stains? I heard that even water that boils over will leave burnt marks that don't come off. Ant experience with this?

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          simple green stainless polish ???? where ? i havent seen it in the kroger where i shop. infact i have used the bbq cleaner made by simple green for the same purpose with great results. cant find that either.