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Sep 30, 2007 07:22 PM

Grilled Chicken over White Rice

One of my favorite, simple meals is chicken (grilled) on top of white rice.

Who does a good version (probably going to be inexpensive/fast food). Some place preferably on the westside....with some different sauces....cajun, teriyaki, etc.

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  1. Fast food wise, Jack in the Box actually has a decent chicken teriyaki bowl. There's Yoshinoya too.

    Nicer, you can special order it at...
    Bossa Nova
    Newsroom Cafe
    Any Thai or Chinese or Japanese restaurant
    Crustacean *gasp*

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    1. re: Emme

      didn't know Bossa Nova had chicken over rice.

      my usual fix has to be something like hawaiian (like L&L's) but wished there was a place that would just have the chicken plain AND THEN have the sauce on it as a condiment, not a marinade...but anything new would be good.... Favorite condiment is sweet chili sauce.

      1. re: Emme

        and how could i forget A VOTRE SANTE and SANTE LA BREA

      2. I love Persian grilled chicken over rice, Shehrezad and Shamshiri are my favorites.

        Cafe Brasil is another of my faves, either white or dark meat grilled with onions over white rice with beans and plantains.

        Tandoori chicken over basmati is nice but I don't know of any really good Indian restaurants that serve a decent version.

        1. Bossa Nova has GREAT chicken over rice..!

          1. If you'll settle for brown rice, try the chicken rice bowl at Axe.

            1. Ono Hawaiian BBQ has a good grilled teriyaki chicken on rice. Probably at Ohana Hawaiian BBQ too.