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Sep 30, 2007 07:03 PM

Thailand Restaurant, Columbia, SC

Gotta give a nod to this place. I can't give exacts because they didn't have take home menus, don't have a fax machine and don't have e-mail. I'm so envious! Life could be so simple. So... to the food. The have these fresh spring rolls, not the fried ones. Comes in a pair and they are big, with fresh ingredients and wonderful with the 2 dipping sauces that are sort of a sweet and spicy combo. Peanut sauce on request. We also had Tom Kha(?) soup. I think that's it. Coconut, lemongrass and spices and choice of shrimp, chicken, tofu. Very nice. And the yellow curry with shrimp and tofu was very flavorful with a good combo of spices and peppers. Two times 'round recently. St. Andrews Rd. near the Pine Grove Rd. intersection. Ellen of SC, It's like Thai Dish.

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  1. I would like to politely disagree. I used to be enamored with Thailand, but then I made it a regular stop in my workweek lunch menu. I now believe it to be far inferior to Bangkok on Garners Ferry, and as far as Asian food in general goes, I wouldn't even consider it unless Sun Ming was closed due to some freak accident. Thailand is fine for dinner, I think, but they just don't have the staff for lunch. It all comes out tasting the same, in my opinion.

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      Aw shoot... Bangkok is soooooo far from me. But I have heard it was good and will give it a go for dinner. Lunch would be imposssible. And you are right about Thailand and the difference between lunch and dinner, except for those fresh spring rolls. I am a big fan of Sun Ming.

    2. SweetPea, thanks for the heads up. I had forgotten about this place, but you jogged my memory. If it's the place I think, I dined there once many years ago and enjoyed it very much. Can't even remember what I ate, but do remember the service was excellent.

      Is this located in the same stretch with CiCi's and a Mexican restaurant? Across from the K-Mart center?

      I will make a point of visiting again soon. Thai Dish, too. It's been awhile.

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      1. re: Ellen of SC

        Thai Dish is gone. Too bad, because it was the best Thai around. If you are ever in Spartanburg, go to Thai Taste. Very good.

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          I am very sorry to hear that. I enjoyed a lovely dinner there.

        2. re: Ellen of SC

          Yes, it's just down from Rite Aid (formerly Eckerds). Too bad about Thai Dish.