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Sep 30, 2007 07:01 PM

Solo dining options for traveler

I'm going to be in town this Monday - Thursday on business and need some great recommendations for dinner. I'm not the biggest fan of getting the table for one however, so i'm looking for places with a bar that i can order the full menu at. I'm staying at the Marriott Pere Marquette near Bourbon St, and my budget per meal is $100. Appreciate any help.

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  1. I believe that G W Fins, just down from the Pere Marquette, has full menu at the bar. OTOH, a single table would not be frowned upon there, by any stretch. Since NOLA has been a business meeting sort of town, and is getting back on its feet, a single diner is not a problem for most places.

    G W Fins
    808 Bienville St


    1. Cochon, Herbsaint, Rio Mar, Dick and Jennys, NOLA, and Emeril's all do bar dining very well.

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        thank you both for the rec's, will definately try them.

      2. Just ramble over to Galatoire's...a single customer at q two-top is Standard Procedure there...and the whole downstairs room is a bar, if you want it to be so. Make pals with your waiter and you'll be in hog heaven.

        1. Muriel's serves it's full menu at the bar, & for less expensive meals: Napoleon House, Coop's & Port of Call.

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            Elleven79 has a cozy bar area where they serve the whole menu. Mr. Joe the owner is a character and the food is wonderful. Cheers