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Sep 30, 2007 06:22 PM

Breakfast in Pottsville or along the way...........

Going to Elysburg for "Covered Bridge Festival" , next weekend. Gonna take route 61 off of 78 and go thru the small towns, rather then coming in from route 80. Any good places for country breakfast along the way?

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  1. We had to go to Pottsville three times last summer. We ate breakfast at three different places. Our favorite was the restaurant at the River Inn motel on Rt. 61, just south of Pottsville. Pretty good was the Country Squire Diner, attached to a dumpy looking motel of the same name, in Schuylkill Haven -- also south of Pottsville. On the north end of Pottsville is a diner on Rt. 61 that served a good breakfast. In Ashland, there are two breakfast places. As you make the right turn to go to Centralia, one is on the right and one is on the left facing the road heading to Centralia. The one on the left is probably the better of these two. Nothing spectacular, but the opportunity for a decent breakfast is there.

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      The "one on the left" in Ashland is Snyder's, certainly a good breakfast stop, Nothing super fancy, but good pancakes, basic omlets, sometimes scrapple, lots of food for pretty cheap prices. I grew up in that area, and Snyder's has long been a go-to breakfast spot for the local community.

      Snyder's Restaurant
      2114 Centre St
      Ashland, PA 17921

    2. not sure if this is on the way for you, but in Pine Grove there is a place called Buddy's Log Cabin... awesome, awesome breakfast. found the address so you can map it out:

      97 Tremont Rd.
      PINE GROVE, PA 17963

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        My go-to breakfast in the Pottsville area is the Wyn-Ann on Sunbury Street in nearby Minersville. The home fries are excellent, and try the mackerel (!),

        Caution: Possibly a bit smoky.