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Wonderful Kosher Cheese

I had great artisanal, raw milk, kosher cheese today from 5 Spoke Creamery. I know it's available at Whole Foods in White Plains, NY and, I'm pretty sure, Dean & DeLuca and some other places and will be in more stores soon.

Full disclosure, the owners are my neighbors and I think they're very nice people and would love to see this go well for them. But I promise, I wouldn't be recommending the stuff unless I really liked it. I got to try the cheddar and the colby today and really enjoyed them both.

Let me put it this way, I don't keep kosher. I have access to lots of wonderful cheese. I'll be buying this cheese.

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  1. Can't wait to try this stuff! Where can we get it in Chicago?

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      I don't know if it's in the midwest yet. Their website is www.5spokecreamery.com.

    2. the herbal jack is pretty good, havent tried the others yet.
      you can find these all over NYC, a but pricey though.

      1. mmm. Gotta try that. Thanks for the tip Marcia.

        1. I am a real chesse lover and I'm willing to pay the price for good cheese. There is nothing better than a milchik meal with a cheese course. I recently discovered 5 Spoke Creamery and I'm hooked. My kids came over tonight and I discovered that all my cheese is gone. They've raided the fridge and taken the stuff that they can't afford to buy on their own.

          1. This sounds great! A kosher cheese like this is high on the cool quotient of things I'd buy on line if it's not available in Atlanta, where I live.

            1. what kosher certification does this cheese have? do you know where its sold in Manhattan? Thanks!

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                zabars sells it. but on the weekend they only had the herbal jack left in stock.

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                  The cheese has Kof K certification. I've seen it at Super Sol, Barzini's, Zabars, and Fairway.

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                    i saw some at whole foods but it was like $20 lb. I do plan to buy some
                    because it sounds really good but I'm hoping to find it a little cheaper.

                    i bought some sugar river at fairway and that was great also.

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                      A while back as Supersol, they were selling it by the piece instead of weight. (i'm not usre if they still do this. ) If they still do this, you can find a nice peice at a decent price. (This is my jewish side speaking.)

                2. has anyone seen this cheese in the Chicago area?

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                    I've bought it on Deliciousorganics.com. They even have the Tumbleweed, which I read about in the NY Times!

                  2. any info on finding this stuff in teaneck area?

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