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Sep 30, 2007 05:37 PM

Congee Restaurants in Toronto Area

When I was on a business trip earlier this year, I went to a Congee restaurant that was really good, but I have lost the address. Do you guys know what the name might be? (Is it Congee Wong?) It's in a Chinese shopping mall not far from Markham / Scarborough. Their Congees were served in giant bowls.. Thanks ahead of time.

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  1. Unfortunately that description doesn't help very much! =)

    Was the resto inside of an enclosed mall, or part of a strip mall? Close to a highway (if so, which one..)? Anything extra special on the menu?

    1. There is a restaurant called Congee Wong in the First Markham mall. Which is in Markham near Woodbine and Hwy 7. There are other locations too, I don't know where they are, but one is in Scarborough. Jinxed is right, your description could fit over a dozen places.

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        Thank you guys for your responses. It was Congee Wong! Sorry I couldn't provide more description earlier because that's all I remember (I actually got really sick that time and Congee was about the only food I could eat but I cannot remember much about the restaurant as I was having a bad stomach ache that day driving round town looking for congee). You guys are so lucky in Toronto to have such good quality and variety of Chinese food!

        To be more specific, that restaurant I went to was in a strip mall, not an enclosed mall. It was at the intersection of Leslie and Finch. I was impressed by their "Super Bowl" congee because the bowls were much bigger than the ones we see here in NY and there were a lot of ingredients! I suppose that's pretty common in Toronto so it caused confusion. The "Congee King" I went had a big Congee menu but they also served noodles, dim sum, stir fries and other dishes.

        You have mentioned that there are other "Congee" restaurants in that area. What are the Congee restaurants that serve those giant / "super bowl" congee in that area? I am curious to find out and try them too! Please let me know.

        Thanks ahead of time.

      2. Congee Wong is a decent solid restaurant for its price point for congee and quick cantonese-style foods. Another one that is similar in menu and value is Congee Queen at Leslie/Steeles. They might have the same owners... Congee Queen has a bunch of "super bowl" congees, mainly seafood. I like the one with the wintermelon and seafood. For the smaller congee servings, I like the sliced fish and pork liver. Their menu is a bit more eclectic, with pad thai and whatnot in addition to the rice noodles and stir-fry dishes. Really quick service - we usually get our orders within 5min of ordering!

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          Thanks! I will have to visit both next time I am in Toronto (i.e. when the exchange rate is more favorable for US tourists. Ha!).