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Sep 30, 2007 05:09 PM

Sarduccis, Montpelier

Headed north this weekend and ended up in Monteplier around lunch time. Not knowing the area at all we chose Sarduccis and found it pretty good. The bloody marys were well made, good and spicy as requested. When we tasted the bread that was placed on the table with a plate of olive oil and garlic we were doing a happy dance..really top notch ..very dark crust and a wonderful crumb. App of fried calamari was tender, served with a side of marinara sauce..( The sauce was served cold and I would have prefered it hot but that is a bit nitpicking ). Seeing they had a wood fired oven made the choice for pizza very easy and it was fantastic. Marghertia: sauce, cheese and basil, thin crust and cooked well done at my request. Perfect!! I noticed that some of the items on the menu are also cooked in the oven. SO had the BLT and deemed it very good being made with fresh local produce. The check was just under $50.00 with 3 bloodys and one glass on chianti. If you happen to be in the area I would highly reccomend it

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  1. It's nice to read a good review of Sarducci's. I know a lot of local foodies who are down on the place, but I've never had a bad meal there. Their specials are reliably good, and the smoked cheese and mushroom dish on the regular menu is always excellent. The menu is out of date with the larger food world, but it's still tasty and reasonably priced.

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      I was thinking something similar. My only quibble with them in the past has just been how loud it can get when the restaurant is full. :) and it seems a little slow. Haven't eaten there for years, though. Should give it another go next time we're eating out. :)

    2. I now live elsewhere but Sarduccis is still on my list of places to go when I'm back home in VT! I agree the sauce for the calamari should be warm but it pretty much the best calamari I've had anywhere.

      The noise is half the fun of the place. It's all the local politicos and you can overhear some pretty interesting conversations there! We've had Pat Leahy at the next table on ocassion and that doesn't happen in a relatively inexpensive restaurant in, say, NY.