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Sep 30, 2007 04:00 PM

Anyone try Jacks Tapas Cafe Mostly Chinese?


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  1. having heard so many good things about jack's on this board, i made a special trip with a chinese-speaking friend only to find the food crashingly dull - not a single dish (and we ordered several) had bright flavors or any palate-pleasing interest; rather like one might expect from a chinese restaurant in nebraska. i shall not return....

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      I would have to agree. My wife and I heard great things about it and saw a good review in the paper then when we went and tried it we were pretty underwhelmed. We did like the leek pancake but the other items were pretty good but not outstanding. Chiang's Gourmet would probably be a better choice in that neck of the woods.

    2. I'll be the voice of dissent here. I love the food at Jack's, I find it to be very comfort food like for me. The woman who runs the place is wonderful, she learned my name the second time we were there and has been paying attention to what we like, and makes reccomendations every time. One thing I will say--and I'm sure you guys have enough experience to have done this anyways--is always order from the boards. That is where the fresh and amazing stuff is. Dishes I remember as spectacular were some of the simple stuff: Yu-choy and shitaki mushrooms, crystal duck wings, I can't even remember them all. The boards hold a lot of creative and cool stuff, all of it extremely fresh--that's why they can't put it on the menu. I found the freshness of the food at chiang's to be a little lacking. But I do enjoy their food as well--Just stay away from the american menu.