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Sep 30, 2007 03:44 PM

TKettle Drinks, St. Marks Place

This little juice and bubble tea place is spanking, sparkling new. It's just a few doors west of Mamoun's Shwarma place (where I had a very good shwarma!). It's quite a while since I had bubble tea, and this one was perfect. The tapioca pearls had just the right amount of "chew" and the black tea with milk wasn't overly sweet. They have lots of different flavors.
Their motto is "Healthy drinks in delicious way"! I'll drink to that! Delightful, young counter workers, too.

In the same space, but to the left of the drink part is something called (I think) "Chicken BBQ - not Barbecue". I didn't try that, having just eaten a shwarma.

P.S. Watch out for that deep step into the place; it's further down than it looks. (On second thought, that may have been just a result of my bifocals. The damned things will kill me yet!)

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  1. Just went there tonight, after seeing the write up about their dumplings in this week's Time Out. Had the house dumplings, which are pork and shrimp. 8 dumplings for $4.85, and they were delicious! Fresh, juicy, wrappers were the perfect thickness.. As mentioned, this place specializes in bubble tea (which I didn't have), so the dumplings are only a very small section of their menu, but they were excellent. They also had straight pork dumplings and veggie dumplings...

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      Thanks for updating this thread! Good dumplings are always good news and another reason to try this sweet little shop.

    2. Not the main idea of your topic, but glad you liked/mentioned the Schwarma at Mamoun's I haven't been to that location in ages, but the Macdougal St. is also good. The other day the line was super long so I opted to try Yatagan, big mistake, it was dry, had a very grainy texture, no comparison to Mamoun's. + Mamoun's has a much better hot sauce.