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Sep 30, 2007 03:30 PM

ISO Nice restaurants in Claremont/LaVerne/Rancho Cucamonga Vicinity

I'm planning a bridal luncheon for about 8 girls, and need a recommendation in that area for a nice restaurant that is good for groups, any cuisine, and sort of special occasion-y. So far the only idea I've got is The Melting Pot in Rancho, but don't think they open until 3pm on a Saturday; or the Grapevine in LaVerne. Would ultimately prefer something that's not a chain, but open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. You might check-out Rosa's Italian restaurant on Vineyard, a couple of blocks north of the airport. This is not a red sauce joint, but high-end Italian. New York Grill at Ontario Mills might be another option.

    1. How about Saffron's at the Guasti Villa near the Ontario Airport? I'm not sure if they're open on Saturdays, but I had a lovely, leisurely lunch there on a weekday a couple of months ago. The ambience and food are both perfect for a bridal luncheon. Walter's in Claremont would be another good option and you may be able to get a private or semi-private room, or if the weather is nice, sit in a secluded part of their large patio dinng area.