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Sep 30, 2007 03:24 PM

Lotus Garden Cuisine -- Yum, yum Vietnamese

I ate at LGC last night (Mission and Valencia) and it was fabulous. And cheap. Tons of delicious food. Highlights include: lemon grass chicken cooked at your table; lemongrass tofu; chicken in curry. There was much on the menu I wanted to try and a return trip is required. There were also some Dungeness crabs in the tanks just sitting there all delicious.

It was the kind of meal that makes me wonder why I ever pay more for dinner.

But the place was kind of empty. Admittedly I got there around 9 but that doesn't seem to solve the mystery of why the place was so empty. Chowhounders have mentioned this before (went on a Chowhound rec...thanks) but I think it deserves being brought up again.

Check it out; can't recommend it enough.


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  1. Got to agree with SarahKC. The meal was delicious. I only had the tofu and curry due to a late arrival, but both were great. Can't wait to try some of the beef dishes and one of those crabs.

    1. Also have to I was with SarahKC and Kmanlove. I found the dishes to be much lighter and flavorful than your average mid-range vietnamese place. Things were not drowned in sauce, but rather accented by it. And they have BROWN RICE which is always a bonus to me.

      1. Also agreeing: Lotus Garden rocks. The chicken rolls are delicious, and the lemongrass chicken was in this wonderful marinade. What I noticed particularly was how fresh the ingredients seemed-- the do-it-yourself rolls came with a big plate of crisp lettuce, fragrant mint, and carrot slivers. It made for a light, lovely, fresh meal. The service was also highly attentive, and the price exactly right, by which I mean $8-$11 entrees. Mmm...

        1. We had a chowdown there in March, and the food ranged from pretty good to great:

          I like the chicken salad and bahn khot especially.

          It is always empty or nearly empty in there at dinner. My only complaint is that the owner, who can be really warm and friendly, also can complain a bit about the lack of business and high price of doing business. I organized the chowdown for 11 people, and the last couple of times I've eaten there she's complained that she hasn't seen the other diners as repeat customers, and that the anti-styrofoam legislation has eaten into her bottom line. I sympathize, but sometimes just want to enjoy my dinner.

          (fixed! thanks dave!)

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