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Sep 30, 2007 03:22 PM

In Search Of: Capitol Hill healthy lunch (near American Apparel)

I've heard a lot about Cafe Presse recently and have yet to try it, my main deterrent is being unfamiliar with French food. Their frites are supposed to be fantastic, but I tend to try to eat healthy (no greasy food).

Here's the location of the Capitol Hill American Apparel, for those unfamiliar:

Any suggestions for a healthy lunch in the area?

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  1. I would definitely have to second that Cafe Presse recommendation, but you're in one of the best neighborhoods for cheap, healthy dining in Seattle. I love Hana, India Express , Pho Cyclo, Crave, 611 Supreme and Bleu Bistro. If you're willing to spend more, there's Via Tribunali, Lark, Chez Gaudy, Dinette and Kingfish. Here's a great resource for times and locations:

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      All of those places are great, but none of them are 'healthy' in the strictest sense. Pho, though I love it, is unbelievably caloric thanks to the rice noodles and fatty beef. Indian dishes, when not fried, are frequently made with coconut milk and/or large amounts of oil or ghee.

      Anyone who's worked in a restaurant kitchen knows how much fat and salt goes into great-tasting food. If you want a real healthy lunch, pack it yourself - you won't get one at a restaurant (unless you count, say, a big glass of carrot juice from a juice bar as a restaurant lunch).

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        I checked out the Urban Spoon page of all of the places you named and it looks like Bleu Bistro is right next door (202 Broadway for Bleu Bistro, 200 Broadway for American Apparel) so I'll give that a shot. It also looks like they have quite a few entrees under $10, which leaves more cash in hand for some warm clothes. Sounds good. Thanks!

      2. Try Hopvine on 15th. All soups are made in house and are usually vegetarian. They have great salads and sandwiches too. Only drawback, small kitchen = long time to get food. Best not to go if time is an issue. Teriyaki Madness is also good.