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Sep 30, 2007 03:13 PM

Vivi Bubble Tea

As a start, I'm not much of a fan of bubble tea (i generally think its too sweet). However, i stopped by here with my gf after picking up some bahn mi from saigon bakery and cha siu bao from mei lai wah. She wanted some bubble tea and it turns out it was pretty good, i thought the bubble tea here was probably the best i've had in manhattan chinatown. It wasn't overly sweet and didn't have that "chalky" taste that some of the other places have.

People that run it are pretty nice too...its super like bubbly type of place, kind of reminds me of the bubble tea places in taiwan.

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  1. Is this place located on Bayard Street? If so, I think it's called "Ui Ui". I love it because you can get a card and after like 10 bubble teas, you get one free. Then each drink is like 20% off. Today I went and my friend and got two drinks for $4.40. It was so cheap and delicious. I'm don't really like bubble tea, so I always get passion fruit green tea.

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      yeah thats the place, its on bayard (forgot to put where it was in my post) and you might be right the writing is kind of bubbly so i couldnt tell if it was a v or a u...although it shows up at vivi on yelp

      1. re: Lau

        Good point! I'm not sure either now. I love how they seal the drinks. It definitely does remind me of Taiwan's bubble tea places. The employees are a lot nicer than the TenRen's Tea Time too!

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          yeah the sealing thing is real common in asia, but for some reason the NY places dont seem to do it

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            I really like the Bubble Tea at GoBo. It's all natural and very fresh. Has anyone else tried it? Would you consider it real buble tea? I don't like the powdery bubble teas made from mixes.

    2. If you get the red tea without sugar it's just unsweetened tea with the jumbo tapioca. Like you, I find all the sweetened and artificial flavors way too I started getting the Red or Green Tea (both are good) without sugar. really good.

      Ten Ren's is ridiculously too sweet. Has anyone had any of the food there??

      Teresa, i'll def check out the card. it never pops up on my radar when i'm there.

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        I just went back today. I asked an employee what their name is and it's really ViVi! It's named after the baby in all their photos. Lau, you are correct! Yup, after 5 drinks, you get the 6th free. Then you get 20% off forever. I think a small bubble tea is $2.75, but with the discount it's $2.20. Pretty amazing. :)