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Sep 30, 2007 03:11 PM

Iavarones Prime View - Port Washington

This is the place that just opened in the same location that was the Cinnamon Club, The Wreck , etc. Unlike those places, this one looks like it could stick.

I always liked the inside of the place when it was the other places, very roomy.

Food was really good, I had a great Kurobata pork chop, I loved it. Everything else my wife and I had was very good. service good also.

Try this place out.

Glad this place is good, it is close to my house and I like the location.

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  1. We love Iavorone Bros. in Lake Success! It's a great stand by resto. It's one of the best kept secrets in Nassau for Italian. The prices are fair, the food is above average and the bread it excellent. Great fried zucchini too.

    We will have to check the new place out when in Port.

    1. Can you give any more info on menu, etc.? Thanks!

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      1. re: pwrube

        lets see , off the top of my head, appetizers were some salads , calamari, baked clams, shrimp cocktail , a shrimp dish on a potato skin and spinach and some other things I cant remember.

        For dinner ,steaks , chops, some seafood, some pasta.

        Dessert , NY cheesecake , sherberts , an brownie with ice cream.

        More stuff then I can remember.

        it not a traditional steakhouse per se , but alot of steak house items.

        1. re: egoer

          Thanks - will get there sooner or later. Thought it would be sort of an Italian Steakhouse.

      2. Had dinner there tonight with the inlaws. It looked like they were filling up quickly. There was a fire lit in the fireplace, and we could see the place had been renovated nicely. (simply) The view during the daytime would be gorgeous. It's not right on the water....rather across the street from it.
        We had a salad with beets, sugared pecans & blue cheese over greens. Delicious.
        I had sesame seared tuna, which was very good. It came over a bed of asian slaw, with a dollop of creamy wasabe, and a sweet soy dipping sauce.
        Hubby had the swordfish, which was also very good. The inlaws had strip steak, & veal.
        We didn't stay for dessert, but we saw a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream go by that looked yummy. The staff was extremely attentive.
        We also saw something on the dessert & dessert wine menu that i've never seen before. Danny DeVito's Limoncello!?? wtf?
        Anyway, i DO recommend this place, and will definetly be going back.

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        1. re: monalisawoman

          I haven't visited Iavarones Prime View yet but I know the Danny DeVito Premium Limoncello from Harbrew Imports, Ltd. is fantastic. It's just rolling out in restaurants and stores now. And it even has it's own Sinatra-esque style jingle


          1. re: monalisawoman

            Finally made it there Friday nite. Really pleasantly surprised by the menu, service and food. Split the "Esca" roll....ground sausage, raisins and something else wrapped in escarole and the meatball sliders in gorgonzola puffs (nice presentation). Both very good. Also split orrechiette with sausage and broccoli rabe and roasted prawns with vanilla cream and risotto cake. Pasta very tasty, al dente and the 6 large roasted prawns with cream was good. Risotto cake was ok. String beans nice and crisp. Skipped dessert. Service was friendly, professional and efficient. Would definitely try again.

            1. re: pwrube

              I have been wanting to try this restaurant since it opened and finally had a chance last night as I took my staff for a holiday dinner. It was a winner all round. Appetizers that we enjoyed included, crispy zucchini, fried calamari, caesar salad, baked clams and crab cake. Entrees were the filet, salmon, veal chop and New York strip. All the dishes were prepared as requested. The mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and roasted vegetable were excellent. The wait staff were attentive and the atmosphere was comfortable and cozy with the fireplace creating a warm feeling. I can't wait to return.

          2. Went this evening 04/08/08 and the service was poor and the food quality was also sub par. Server was very inattentive and we had to flag her down for refills of water. We were never asked if we wanted a second drink. The food was disappointing. The tuna tartar appetizer was served refrigerator cold and was not fresh. The Shrimp dish was nice but was served with beans. The duck was dried out and not very good. Server observed dissatisfaction with dish but did nothing about it. When I mentioned the duck being dried out mumbled something about I will tell the chef but never returned. Mentioned to manager Frank on way out and he appeared clueless. Another disappointment at this location - based on this experience I expect this place will close down before summer.

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            1. re: eskruger

              Isn't that an odd spot - I grew up in Port Washington and remember the place when it was Darby Doyle's. We used to go ice-skating on Mill Pond and then head into Darby's to warm up. After Darby's, places came and went in the space. I've never been happy with any of the places - and I'm actually a pretty easy person to please.

              1. re: eskruger

                Back in December I gave this restaurant rave reviews. When deciding on a place for 15 of us to celebrate my mother-in-laws 80th bday, I thought this would fit the bill. Well, I was totally disappointed. We arrived at 4pm this past Sunday, no one else was in the restaurant. We received poor service, served 3 meals and waited 10 minutes to serve the other 12. Asked for drinks that never came. My filet was over cooked, the mashed potatos, ice cold. Everyone else said there meal was just ok. No one wanted to ruin the celebration so we didn't say anything at the time but I really should have. My son's hamburger was disgusting. I am so disappointed as I really thought they had potential!!