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Sep 30, 2007 02:19 PM

Late night in Ludlow... pub food?

NYC hound here, heading up to Ludlow for a fall weekend of mountain biking and sacrificing to Ullr, God of Snow (burning skis and cooking lots of bacon over a fire).

Will be staying in Ludlow and arriving late Friday evening.

Any good pubs you can recommend that are cute, maybe have a fire, where we can share a pint and throw back some burgers or something along those lines?

A search yielded a recommendation DJ's on the board but wanted to see if there were any other suggestions.

We are staying at Governor's Inn, fyi.

Many thanks, :)

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  1. We love Okemo...but Ludlow is not a culinary mecca!
    Try the Pot Belly Pub.
    Also to note-- this is the Fall Festival weekened at Okemo and there are tons of events-- bbq's, music etc going on!

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      1. I was in Ludlow last weekend and hit both DJ's and Harry's. DJ's was a longstanding fave of my parents who lived closeby and it was really good Fri. nite. Quieter than I thought it would be but definitely make a reservation. It's not the most exciting menu in the world but if you liked baked stuffed shrimp or baked scallops, you can't go wrong. Well, I guess you can cuz my brother was up there a couple months ago and said the shrimp weren't good but they were back on track on Fri. Had a great steak at our table too and the kids' shells w/ meatballs was very good.

        Oddly, I'm not a big Harry's fan. I've never been wowed by their food the way others are. I had a nice chowder on Sat., w/ corn and bacon. Crabcakes were fair at best, small and just not too exciting, served bare on a plate. We split some apps of potstickers, beef satay and spicy shrimp. All were fine, I esp. liked the beef. The kids' ravioli w/ shrimp looked the best. Brother's duck was super rare, wasn't thrilled with it. I'm not big on most of the sides served with their extensive menu. Homemade apple crisp was really boring. I'm in the minority with my disappointment there tho.

        We took a day trip to Woodstock and ate at Bentley's which I guess is about 200 years old. The place looks cool but the food was mediocre. Chowder, grilled cheese w/ bacon and chicken wrap weren't so great. Kids' mac & cheese looked like Kraft, which I guess is fine in that situation but you'd think they'd make their own. Chili and salad looked best, at least we timed it before busloads of tourists.

        We also hit the new to us Apron Strings Cafe in Springfield which is a cute little place serving mostly baked goods, sandwiches and soups. Internet access, nice art on the walls, good for reading and computer work. The place across the street used to serve that purpose but now is more of a real restaurant, going by the name 31 Main I think. I bopped into the Miss Bellows Falls Diner for a short order of pancakes that were decent. Also stopped by the pancake house on Rt. 12 bet. Walpole and Keene for more plus corn fritters on the way back to Boston but I don't think they're worth the money.

        So to wrap up that tangent of a post, I definitely recommend DJ's.

      2. Try Cappuccino's on Depot St. Right off Main St. at the traffic light. It's a good alternative to DJ's.

        Another plce to try is The Art of the Chicken in Lemere Square in a funky complex right on Main St. across the street from the car dealer at the foot of Okemo. They serve homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees like Vermont Maple Roasted Half Chicken Dinner. Dine in and take out available. We aways get take out.

        There's a little place on Main St. called The Cooking Company. They used to cater at the Arts and Crafts school at Fletcher Farm. Down home country cooking. Hale and hearty.

        My personal favorite is the River Tavern up on Rt. 100 at the Hawk Resort.

        Then there's the Echo Lake Inn also on Rt. 100 north, before the River Tavern.
        Country elegance.

        We do love Harry's, though.

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          All great options... thank you everyone! :) Very excited for the trip!