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Sep 30, 2007 01:11 PM

Jeni's Ice Cream Flavors (Columbus, OH)

I am a big fan of Jeni's Ice Cream, and I know plenty of others on here are as well. My problem is I really get in a rut with the flavors I get - I tend to almost always get the Salty Caramel or Gravel Road (salty caramel with almonds.) They have just come out with their fall lineup, and there are plenty of other standard flavors as well.

Which do you recommend? Any you suggest I stay away from? I don't mind unusual combos, but I don't want to spend seven bucks on a pint of something I won't be able to finish.

New flavor list:

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  1. I was visiting Columbus last night, and the server recommended Jeni's ice cream. Come on, I said to myself, how different from other ice cream could it be? I had the Queen City Cayenne, and I had to admit, it was like no other ice cream I had ever had. It was genuinely spicy, even hot, but if you're down with that, go for it.

    1. The lemon yogurt and corn with blueberries are good. Like to spoon lemon yogurt over berries.

      1. I always do one scoop of the dark cocoa gelato and one scoop of a ligher fruit ice cream or sorbet. That way I can try out different flavors until I find one worth buying a pint of....other than the dark cocoa gelato which is always outstanding.

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          Have you had the Cocoa Zin? Any thoughts on that?

        2. Had the following this weekend and can report nothing but highest praise:
          BOURBON BUTTER PECAN - my fave of the 3 I tried in my 3 scoop tasting at the store. I didn't think much of it then as the other two selections I made overpowered the taste of this one. However, I brought a pint home to hubby and had a few spoonfuls of it the next evening. THis time I had a totally different opinion. You really taste the bourbon and butter combo when there is nothing to distract you from it. It was heaven on a spoon.
          QUEEN CITY CAYENNE - very chocolaty with a cinnamon overtone ....then comes a bit of heat in the back of your throat. Very interesting!
          LIME CARDAMOM YOGURT WITH Lingonberries - a little too strong on the lime but it was a wonderful palate cleanser after the other two. The burst of lingonberry was especially nice.