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Sep 30, 2007 12:43 PM

Hendricks Farms and Dairy Now at Headhouse!

Now you city slickers can enjoy the awesome cheese, bacon and raw milk we exurbs rave about. I don't see much about the Headhouse Market on CH, but heard that HF and D will be there starting today. I have only been to Headhouse once; it's a great place with lots of local farmers.

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  1. I saw Hendricks at Headhouse today but didn't make the mental connection. Must try it next week. I've recently gotten some very nice stuff at Headhouse, such as

    Margerum Herbs - bing cherry jam, really intense
    Griggstown Quail Farm - chicken pot pie, quite possibly the best I've ever had
    Queen's - oyster mushrooms (they have Asian produce grown without chemicals!)
    Mountain View - eggs that beat the pants off supermarket organic eggs
    and of course Los Taquitos de Puebla's tacos al pastor.

    Also picked up some vegetables from Old Earth Farm today that I haven't tried yet.

      1. re: amycakes

        Headhouse Shambles is an open air market (has roof, no walls) near 2nd and Lombard. The area is called Headhouse Square. The term 'headhouse' refers to the fire engine houses.

        Held in the Headhouse Shambles, the Headhouse Market is a farmers' market, one of the largest in the city. Comparable in size to the one at Clark Park.

        2nd and Lombard, Philadelphia, PA
        Sundays 10am – 2pm
        July 1 to Thanksgiving

        (Also, above I referred to vegetables "grown without chemicals", that's actually one of my pet peeves; everything's a chemical. The friendly guy staffing the Queen's stall kept saying "no chemicals" but he probably meant something like, "grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.")