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Sep 30, 2007 12:41 PM

Kid Friendly Colonial Mexico?

We’ve traveled to Mexico (mostly the colonial cities) a couple of times already, and really enjoyed the food. This time, we will be visiting Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara, and Queretaro, but the major difference is that we will have a 1-year old in tow. Thus, we were hoping to get some direction on some good places to go.

So here are the particular suggestions that we are seeking at this time…

1) One of our more memorable meals from past visits was at Izote. We would like to enjoy at least one “splurge” meal, probably for a lunch or early dinner, at a place where they wouldn’t mind a little one. In DF, would Aguila y Sol, MP Bistro, and El Bajio be among your top contenders?

2) We will probably be staying in Colonia Roma, so places to run out for a quick bite in the evening would be appreciated.

3) the “best” chilaquiles; our favorites are the ones that are baked and without eggs.

4) Lastly, I haven’t seen too much about Queretaro, so especially interested in hearing any input about that city. However, suggestions for any of the cities would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mexico City and Colonia Roma. It is a very big neighborhood, actually divided between Roma, Roma Sur and Roma Norte. I used to live in Roma Sur (near Viaducto), and my favorite night time snacks came from:

    Los Parados is a taco restaurant in the corner of Monterrey and Baja California avenues. It translates as "stand-ups", since there are no chairs, only three bars a few feet from the burning coals of the taqueros. Not comfortable, but definitely delicious. You can always get your meal "para llevar" (to go), if you don't want to eat standing. Speacialty, al carbón, pastor (pork), arrachera de pastor (beef), machitos (beef testicles), and believe it or not, they make a rather tasty hamburguer.

    On the afternoon and evening, the most delicious quesadillas are on a small family owned diner, "Las Margaritas" on Tehuantepec street, between Cuauhtémoc and Monterrey avenue. Huitlacoche, chicharrón (pork rind, both in the pressed and salsa cooked variety), tinga (shredded beef or chicken in sauce and onions), sopes, etc.

    In the central Roma section (near Insurgentes Avenue), Los Bisquets de Obregón in Alvaro Obregón avenue are more of a tradition than a spectacular meal. Can be a bit crowded. Nevertheless, the bisquits are still quite good, with either café con leche or chocolate.

    1. El Bajio is not a splurge at all (it's great, but not expensive), and is definitely kid-friendly. The other two would be only if the children were behaved well - you'd feel uncomfortable with crying kids. MP has a kid of lounge atmosphere, so also not necessarily your best choice. Aguila y Sol might be more chill about a kid at lunch, though! (Reserve on a weekday.) Contramar is another kid-friendly but grownup pleasing place for lunch only, and it's right in La Roma on Durango, just west of the Glorieta de Cibeles.

      Other yummy Roma restaurants are:

      Casa d'Italia (Luigi, the owner, is from Naples)
      Cibeles (as long as you go before 8)
      La Tecla
      Primos (technically in La Condesa but close to La Roma)
      There's lot of other places, but those stand out.

      And, if you are doing Colonial Mexico, Guanajuato is a stand out. Guadalajara is nice for many reasons, but it's colonial center hasn't been well-preserved. (One of the few colonial cities not on UNESCO's list, actually) I think Guanajuato would be a choice over either Guadalajara or Queretaro, though I like both.

      1. There aren't many options in La Roma at night, but I like Tacos Frontera at Frontera and Alvaro Obregón. A newish upscale restaurant is AO 206 at Insurgentes and Alvaro Obregón; set in an old restored mansion, the food is Basque/Japanese! But very well done.
        Casa Lamm's restaurant is lovely but mediocre - go for something light or breakfast. Also good for breakfast is Cafe Di Carlo, Orizaba between Alvaro Obregón and Guanajuato - excellent coffee. And Pozoleria Tizka, Zacatecas 59 (between Mérida and Córdoba) for pozole verde - good for families and very inexpensive.