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Sep 30, 2007 12:07 PM

Spilling the Beans-One Fat Lady's memoir

I didn't even know this was already released. Read it in the Sundy Times Book Review. Sounds perfectly British. Clarrisa Dickson Wright is the surviving Fat Lady. Jennifer Paterson might have been the better known one for her ribald life, but Calrissa may have lived a life on a par with Jennifer's if you are to believe the book blurb.

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  1. Thanks for posting that - hadn't known that she'd written a book. Loved watching that show! Saw a wonderful TV program once about Paterson - what a life she did lead.

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      I loved The Two Fat Ladies..we have their video set and the cookbook set. I know more about Clarrisa than I do about Jennifer. What are a few things about her life that most people don't know? Thanks.

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        Well, I think she lived with a very eccentric uncle in London and worked as a cook for a Spectator magazine. At one point I believe that she threw a dish or a meal out a window. I think she kept getting fired and/or quitting, and then going back. She was also a devout Catholic, though expelled from her convent school.

        Here's a link to the throwing things out the window incident:

        Other links:

    2. Thanks! Sounds like a good read.

      1. Call me crazy, but I seem to recall that one of the women had the habit of smoking on camera while cooking. Am I hallucinating?

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          Nope, that was Jennifer. I remember her smoking before and after the cooking segment, I don't seem to remember her doing it during the cooking, although I must admit my memories are hazy.

          Neither one of them are in the FN mold of fresh sexy looking bobbleheads, they were world seasoned older women who are more than just a little bemused about their fame and somewhat cynical. I seem to remember Jennifer being something of a bon vivant in her younger days having lived in Portugal as a young woman and working as a babysitter and having done quite a bit of hard living. it seems Clarissa has done some hard living too.

        2. There is an exerpt of Clarissa's new book at this site:

          It's one of the saddest things I have ever read.

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            Wow. Thank you for posting it. I agree with you completely and am on the verge of crying. I have to get a copy of that.

            1. re: Gio

              Whoa! Very sad and very dark indeed.

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                That was heart-wrenching to read, but beautifully written. I always enjoyed watching The Two Fat Ladies, but to know of the darkness Clarissa's father..It's chilling. Seems like she has some very interesting stories for the book, I have to get a copy as well.

              2. The Two Fat Ladies was one of my absolute favorite cooking shows of all time. What a couple of tremendous dames!

                Why won't Food Network rerun The Two Fat Ladies instead of the garbage (RR and her evil Latina clone and the always despicable Store Bought Barbie) they produce now.

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                  ITA, plus the Two Hot Tamales and other shows that have been discussed in other "what's wrong with FN" threads.