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Mar 23, 2006 01:43 PM

Sushi Bistro in the Richmond

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I heard great things about Sushi Bistro on 6th and Balboa from my friends. They mentioned that they're fusion sushi is very good. Any thoughts about their sushi?

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  1. went there a few mos. ago and they have the best variety of fusion-y sushi i've seen up here.. extensive menu. o and the sushi's good too.. good service...small and homey.. definitely recommended.. i'm dying to take my sister there.. it would b cool to go w/ a bunch of people to try all of the varieties, tho again the place doesn't seat many.. alas, only had about 6 rolls :(

    1. we ordered from here for our anniversary b/c we had just had a baby and couldn't get out. the sushi was terrible, huge slabs of fishy smelling and tasting (unfresh) fish. yuck! i think that's the first time i actually threw sushi away.

      we had gone there on a recommendation from a friend...but got it confused with (there's a sushi place on 6th and CA we meant to order from called Chin Bistro).

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        Weird, I've been here a few times, most recently about a week or so ago, and had quite a good experience. They serve huge slices of fish and their rolls are pretty good. Not a high-end place per se, but you can do far worse. That's too bad about your takeout experience. Eating there's been fine for me.