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Sep 30, 2007 10:10 AM

The All American Cookie

If you were to nominate one cookie to be the National cookie, what would it be? Chocolate chip, because it was famously created by accident by Ruth Wakefield, of Toll House fame; peanut butter, because they are ubiquitous from childhood, oatmeal, because of their earthy, chewy wholesomeness? My own nomination would be brownies, because they are, and always have been my favorite cookie from childhood.

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    1. re: amanda3571

      Yes, I consider all bar-type cookies to be in the cookie category. Including Fig Newtons.

      1. re: amanda3571

        Yes, I consider brownies to be a bar type cookie too.

      2. It'd be a toss up betwixt TH and those peanut blossoms with the Hershey Kiss in the middle. TH would probably win, though.

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        1. re: mercyteapot

          There's no contest, TH cookies are the most baked, most eaten in U.S. But, this made me think about the historical quality of baking in U.S. and how sweets, like all other food, was limited to what was on hand. I love Hermit cookies and they go back to Colonial days.

          1. re: lucyis

            Would you share your recipe. My grandmother made Hermit cookies, but I don't have her recipe.

            1. re: gsElsbeth

              Here's a link to mine - and several others, for what it's worth!


        2. I would confidently bet that Americans eat many more chocolate chip cookies than any other kind, therefore CCC's get my vote.

          1. Chocolate chip cookies of course. But to find the best recipe is impossible....

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            1. re: chocchipcookie

              Actually, my wife has it. But you have a better chance of seeing the contents of Dick Cheney's safe...

            2. What about the girlscout cookies? (chocolate mint) or big fat sugar cookies like you find no where else, (ie snickerdoodle?) fayefood.com