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Sep 30, 2007 09:55 AM

Kingston Station- Good but...

So I went to Kingston Station Friday night for dinner with two of my friends. The food was really good. I had the steak fritte and my friends had the veal and the omlette. I ordered the steak med but I would have called it medium well. But that is nit-picking. We order the chocolate souffle for dessert. It was good not the best.
My biggest complain is the lack of people and the decor. It was dead. I wonder if it is the location??? The idea for the deocr is a train station. The bar is covered in tile and has train station theme decorations. I give them an A for effort however, it was too loud. Sound bounces off of tile and did it. The tables were also too close together. At one point I had to ask my friend if I was taking up too much room becuase they tried to sit people behind us and they could not get it.

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  1. I had a great experience there the other night. The place is new so that is probably why it is quiet. Service was friendly and the food was great. I did not mind the noise level. I will go back again.