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LUPA must haves?

Going to LUPA and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should definitely order/try...? I know the menu is seasonal and changes so I'd apprecite any thoughts. Thanks.

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  1. Ricotta gnocchi are great

    1. Agree with the gnocchi! The texture is wonderful. I am also in love with the turnip sformato appetizer and the tongue.

      1. The pasta specials are usually a good bet to be good to very good.
        We're also impressed with the Florentine-style tripe appetizer,

        1. Bracciole, but I think it's only served on Sundays.
          Best in the city.

          1. I like their amatriciana.

            1. I second that amatriciana. One of my all-time favorite pasta dishes in the city.

              1. I think they have incredible prosciutto; the pastas are generally delicious -- especially if you like your pasta fairly al dente; I love the chicken diablo as well. Enjoy!

                1. Linguine w/ clams, a very simple version. It was so perfect! I've been searching for a comparable version since (unsuccessful so far).

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                    If you are interested in a recipe, let me know - I love vongole, and do eat it at restaurants occasionally, but frankly, the one I make at home has them beat.

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                      would love it! thanks so much! please email me at emgoodman@gmail.com

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                        I'll post it tomorrow on the Home Cooking board and post a link to it here.

                  2. the cured meat platter is wonderful as a shared antipasto or stand-alone lunch. pair with an inexpensive tocai.

                    1. Spaghetti carbonara. If it's back on the menu.

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                        I heartily second the carbonara. Just had it Sunday and it was as good as ever. For dessert, their tartufo is excellent. Hazlenut gelato studded with pieces of biscotti covered with melted chocolate.

                      2. Thanks everyone for suggestions!

                        1. If you go on a Friday, the whole roasted fish is very good.

                          1. i stopped going there because of the more than occassional rude vibe/attitude, but the brussels sprouts are delicious

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                              sorry to hear about your bad experience there Simon. Can I ask what it was that turned you off?

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                                Oh, i don't want to beat a dead horse too much, as i've written about my Lupa problems here before, and i don't hate the restaurant or anything...but i object to the attitude that one often receives there (and at Batali places in general): the attitude they give off is that one should be lucky to get to dine there and not vice-versa, and that their rules are written in stone, etc...the last straw was rude treatment from a hostess who refused to seat our incomplete party in the late afternoon when the place was fairly empty: i understand the policy, but the snotty delivery of the message turned me off...it was the most aggregious example but not the only one, and i have felt similarly at Esca, Babbo, and Casa Mono (which i rather like, but boycotted for a while after we were evicted from our table after spending quite a lot on wine and food and before we'd stay long at all)...at Lupa, i like the brussels sprouts, the orchiette, and a few other things, but i'd rather go to a place like Cacio e Vino, where the food is equally if not more delicious, and the staff/hosts/owner know how to welcome their guests...