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Sep 30, 2007 07:11 AM

Looking for a Port Wine Cheese Salad Dressing

I recently had a port wine cheese salad dressing at a Cajun restaurant in Cape Girardeau, MO. My request for the recipe was denied due to the product being made off site by persons "unknown". I really enjoyed the dressing and was wondering if anyone has a similar recipe. I've searched the Net and have come up empty. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I see this is very old, but did you ever find the recipe for Broussard's dressing? I have wanted it for years with no luck. Tractors in Jackson has a similar dressing.

    1. Well, Naturally Fresh used to make a killer wine and cheese dressing, but I don't see it on their page any more. I wrote them to ask, waiting... In the meantime, I haven't tried this, but check here: for one that may do the trick.

      1. I am in Cape Girardeau now, but I have never had that dressing. I found this on Google:

        1. jmtwo, that doesn't sound like the one, but there are several more out there now that I'll have to try. It's been a few years since I last looked. Broussards and Tractors in Jackson both have a wine and cheese house dressing - you should try them. Soooo good.

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            I still see that this is still an issue 5 years later. I live in Sikeston, MO. South of Cape G and Jackson for only 4 months!
            Same problem here. STILL! Dexters serves the wine and cheese dressing. SO does our chinese buffet, pizza inn, and many other restraunts in this area, I have asked. Dexters said they got it online from cosco, i believe. Can't find it there. I'm still looking. THey have to be getting from somewhere. Keep asking. AND when you do find it. LET US KNOW< and I will write to WALMART of FOOD GIANT and give them a plug. One place I have not yet checked is Boomland. Its very very possible they may carry it. THey often carry things you can't get anywhere else!

            1. re: katdowl

              Rejoice!! I found it!! (Again) Used to be you could buy it Each Naturally Fresh® Gift Pak of 6 is $39.95 includes s&h. Yes, expensive, and they're only 12oz jars! Not sure how much the 4- 1 gal jars cost, but you'll find here:
              Scroll down... Sold via foodservice size only now, it may seem like a lot, but when you really like something... get friends to buy in with you.

              1. re: MamaByrd

                Looks to me as if one could make this dressing at home. When you read through the ingredient list on the Naturally Fresh website the dressing seems to be a type of vinaigrette.

                I am assuming that the ingredients are listed by the quantity used in the recipe as is normal on labels. If so we have oil,water, vinegar & sugar followed by the cheddar cheese, The first 4 ingredients make up a pretty classic vinaigrette. We then add the cheese. Then salt & finally get down to the port. (I'm guessing that the quantity of port is pretty small.) Some egg is added as a thickener and a few herbs with garlic. Plus, this being a commercial recipe the various coloring's & preservatives.

                I strongly suspect that with a little experimentation one could come up with a pretty good version of Port & Cheddar Cheese dressing.

                Have a go & let me know.

                1. re: Yank

                  Yank, It's not a vinaigrette. It's mayo based, which is still the oil, water, vinegar. But thanks for your suggestion.
                  MamaByrd, so this is a similar dressing to Broussards? The creamy dressing? YAY! Going to check it out now!

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