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Sep 29, 2007 10:29 PM

Sultana Bakery, Angela's Cafe, Re-tamale Restaurant, A&L Bakery, Cafe 303

All East Boston:

Sultana Bakery, Maverick Sq.

A basic flan slice, just the right sweetness, pretty dense, but a little cornstratchy in texture rather than the gorgeous "chewy" rich density that I like most (Alex's Chimis is current my favourite for that).


Angela's Cafe


This is a serious mole poblano -- sweet spicy bitter in harmony with notes of peppery smokiness, nutty flavours, earthy, complex and deep. It's a plate wiper. Handmade corn tortillas come in handy here. Sides of fluffy rice and decent refried beans (could use a lot more lard here imho). Probably be back soon to score the sopa de tortilla and tinga. The ceviche tostada looked good too. Keep eye out on the specials board.


Re-Tamale Restaurant

A 2 month old Colombian place on Chelsea street between Gove and Paris Place (roughly halfway between Santarpio's and Maverick Sq) on the North side of the street. A small menu, meat heavy as per the cuisine. They make their own morcilla/blood sausage. Tried the chicken tamale -- soft masa, very chickeny, with peas and carrots, evocative of a chicken pot pie -- very enjoyable. Definitely worth checking out and digging deeper.


A&L Bakery

A cannolo shell like everyone elses in the North End. Good filling, chalky, a little like Mari's version but less lumpy and vanilla-ey and slight softer. Good stuff and can hold its own to the North End favourites.


Cafe 303

Came across this place on the way to A&L. A new cafe with pretty good espresso - nice crema, robust roasty body, a decent finish without too much acidity. Comes with a little cookie from Bindi with a light cocoa flavour that I enjoyed.

They serve breakfast and lunch, sandwiches and salads, as well as a number of pastries.

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  1. I have to get to Angela's -- thanks for posting. I missed the first heads-up earlier this month. Mmmmmmmmmole!

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    1. re: yumyum

      I moved to Eastie a month ago and have yet to explore. I live off of Meridian St and go to Taco Mania at least once a week. The pickled vegetables they have on the tables in the dining room are addictive, very hot but not hot enough that you wont go back for fourths! You can get 3 soft corn tortilla tacos for 5.95. Great bargain. The chicken tamales are fantastic as well and only 1.95. I will try Anna's out ASAP

      1. re: hellohi1968

        You're really lucky ... East Boston has such good food to explore. I recommend looking through limster's posts on the area ... he's done more hounding than any of the rest of us in your hood. Search on "Rincon Limeno" for a start.

        1. re: hellohi1968

          It would be great to have another Hounding Eastie local on the board. I hope you keep exploring and posting, hellohi1968.

          1. re: hellohi1968

            I haven't had a chance to follow this up yet, but someone recently suggested the beef empanadas at Mr Pollo Mario on Bennington. Thought I'd pass it along. It's next on my list.

        2. Re tamales the best colombian food, like my grandmother Kitchen. everyone should try it.

          1. Here's a map, with details on a T shortcut:

            Angela's Cafe
            131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128