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Sep 29, 2007 10:28 PM

Family Friendly in Stow(MA) area.


I was hoping for a last minute recommendation for a casual, mid-range, family friendly restaurant in the Stow area, or between Stow and Rte. 128, for tonight.

Thank You,


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  1. How about Steak and Ale on 117?

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    1. re: RandyL

      We ended up changing our plans. For future reference, how do you like the food there and what are your favorite items on their menu? Also, do you know if they have a children's menu?


      1. re: PhilF

        I'd recommend Nancy's Airfield Cafe over Beef and Ale (more of a bikers burger joint). Nancy's has a room with larger tables geared towards families, and you can watch the little planes land and take off. Definitely have kids options.

        1. re: chowcat

          I have always liked Nancy's despite the not so favorable reviews here in the past. However, after our last visit, I will have to reconsider going there again. We arrived early Sunday afternoon, expecting that there would be a short wait. There was a crowd of folks milling around outside, in no particular order. One man said that the host (the usual guy, his wife is the chef, I think?) is taking names. Minutes go by, more people arrive, no host. I go inside, someone yells, "The wait is outside!". Finally, host comes out and proceeds to feed the fish in the outside pond. He gives food to kids to feed the fish, goes back inside for more fish food, laughs and chats with the kids. When he comes out again, I ask to leave my name and he says "no sorry! I have to go inside, I'll come out again, don't lose your place in line!" What line? There is no order at all. We wait and wait, but he doesn't come back out. Finally, we leave. My four year old loves eating here so he can watch the planes, but this was not a good experience.

          1. re: Kat

            Thanks for the heads up on Nancy's. I'm sure our children would love to watch the planes like your son, but there's no way we'd be able to tolerate that kind of service. I can't imagine how disappointed your son must have been, and you too for that matter. It's too bad because the host sounds like a good hearted guy. Someone just needs to remind him it's more important to seat families in a fair and orderly fashion than it is to entertain the children, especially if the children are hungry!

          2. re: chowcat

            Well, like I said.....been a while since I ate at the Beef and Ale.....we did dine at nancy's fairly recently though. I do have to say that the host (Nancy's husband) is a little quirky and "takes some getting used to". Not sure if you it happens at breakfast but if you take kids with you for dinner (Fridays and Saturdays) you will be seated in a different room with no view of the runway. Adults only in the main dining area for dinner.

            1. re: chowcat

              Thanks for recommending Nancy's. It's good to know you've had a pleasurable experience there. Unfortunately, I'm a little hesitant to go there after reading Kat's review below and other unfavorable reviews about Nancy's on this board.

              Your comments on the Beef N Ale House were also helpful.

              1. re: PhilF

                This is all interesting.. I have had a great breakfast there when I have been (several times -- all within the last year).

                Perhaps things are good when Nancy is running the show, but not as good when her husband is?

                1. re: Keithel

                  It's good to hear you've had good breakfasts at Nancy's, but I don't know if I want to take the chance that Nancy will be running the show and not her husband.
                  Thanks for the rec.

              2. re: chowcat

                Thanks for the recommendation on the cafe and description of the ale house. As long as it isn't too rowdy I may prefer the ale house. It sounds like the food isn't as hit or miss as the cafe and according to other posters on this board it doesn't seem to be as disorganized either.

              3. re: PhilF

                It's been a while but I enjoyed the food there. Nothing spectacular but I remember nothing bad about it. I had the Delmonico each time and it was enjoyable (not Morton's standards by any means but good for the price). They definitely have a children's menu filled with the standards (chicken fingers, burgers, etc).

                1. re: RandyL

                  Thanks for all your input. I really appreciate it.

            2. And it is Beef and Ale - not Syeak and Ale (sorry!).