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Sep 29, 2007 10:19 PM

Rainbow Seafood, Lamma Island, HK

If you want the freshest high end seafood in HK, take a 30 min boat trip to Lamma Island and try Rainbow Seafood. Tanks filled with the most expensive fish and shell fish available. Not inexpensive. But if you are willing to pay, you can pick the best directly from the tanks.

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  1. do they have lobster?around how much it would costs?

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    1. re: s0memale

      I think they have just about everything that lives in the ocean. We didn't pay, but I think that meal must've been in the $3,000HK range.

      Here are some photos.

      1. re: s0memale

        its about HK120 for a small/medium sized lobster. we got the garlic ones and they were fantastic. the crab corn soup was also excellent. i think without drinks, expect to pay about HK200-300 per person.

      2. Mmm, I can verify that place is fantastic. One of the best experiences of my life. I loved the spicy dry cooked chili crabs and the super-light fried squid the best. We also had excellent black bean clams and totally decadent but yummy butter prawns. Though what the hell is a squilla, anyway?'s a fantastic place to drink, laugh, and devour seafood late into the night......and the boat ride over is gorgeous.

        1. i'm a fan. the abalone alone is worth the price of admission. the fact that they'll pick you up/return you on their own boat seals the deal.
          when there, take the time to explore lamma island. it's really special.