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Sep 29, 2007 09:08 PM

Dinner before a show at the Hollywood Bowl

Heading to the Dave Matthews concert on Tuesday and would love some advice on where to grab a fab bite before the show. Preferably would like to be able to walk from dinner to the Bowl. THANKS!

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  1. Oh we'll be at that show as well. I think our plan is to grab great sushi at Zo and then head to the Bowl. Or to eat there. There are not really restaurants within walking distance of the Bowl. Generally we either 1) eat beforehand somewhere else and then drive/park and ride to the Bowl, or 2) eat at the Bowl.

    I think unless you really like to walk, you won't be able to eat at a restaurant within walking distance of the Bowl unless you actually purchase food there. You can basically buy whatever you want to eat for dinner at one of the Bowl's on-site markets (they have salads, chicken, pasta, wine and beer etc. a decent selection -- plenty enough to make your own picnic), or you can bring your own dinner. There are many places that will sell you picnics for the Bowl, including Mako in Beverly Hills, and markets like Gelson's or Bristol Farms.

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      There is a shuttle from the Hollywood/Highland complex over to the Bowl. This gives you access to 25 Degrees and then for sweets, you've got CeFiore and Beard Papa. I believe there's also a Puck outpost in the H/H complex (Vert?)

      Also, the Dash shuttle runs parallel to Hollywood Blvd all the way to Highland, giving you access to Lucky Devils, Kung Pao Kitty, Musso & Frank, Greco's Pizza, etc.

      Personally, I would just picnic it. Take advantage of the fact that you can bring bottles of beer/wine in. Also, since it's a DMB show, I'd bring things like cookies and chips and so on. ;)

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        LOL, LOL Last time I saw Dave Matthews at the Hollywood Bowl I had to make a Del Taco run on the way home....munchies galore. I am going on Monday night and planning on bringing cheeses, cured meats and crusty bread. One tip last time I went you could not bring glass bottles into the seating area so if you are planning on bringing wine you will have to put it in another container.

    2. There's really no way to dine and then walk to the Bowl but I'll give you a tip. There's a shuttle bus to the Bowl from the big complex at Hollywood and Highland. You can park there, dine there and then take the shuttle to the Bowl. I think it's $3.00 a person (and free on Fridays). Parking at Highland and Hollywood is $2.00 for four hours if you have a restaurant validation. The bus runs every fifteen minutes.

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        I've found I can walk from Hollywood & Highland to the Bowl in the same amount of time the bus takes, so as long as you're up to walking I'd save the $3 and skip the shuttle.

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          It is a quick walk to the Bowl from Hollywood and Highland. Better yet, take the red line to H&H if you fighting traffic. I hear great things about 25 degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel.

      2. Warning about bringing in a bottle of wine: you won't be able to for this performance. It's a "lease event" and not a Bowl produced event, and for lease events at the Bowl, the rules differ:

        One thing to consider is if you're near any Metro Red Line Stop (or want to park at one), you'll have many more dining options. There's an entire thread about about dining options at various Red Line stops if you do a search. The Red Line will take you to Hollywood & Highland where you can either shuttle up to the Bowl or walk. If you walk, keep in mind that you're going uphill on the way there, so wear smart shoes.

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          Ok so it's just brownies for this show. We're going as part of the ACLU event (they are co-sponsoring or something) and the flyer said "no alcohol."

          1. re: NAspy

            "Ok so it's just brownies for this show."

            So you'll definitely need the cookies and chips then.

            I still think the best option is to build a picnic basket, either yourself, from a place like Trader Joe's or Gelsons, or a restaurant like Joans on Third or Doughboys.

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              The ACLU deal isn't 'no alcohol',,, it's 'pro alcohol'...

              "... at the Bowl and Exclusive Pre–party Reception and After-party on the Hollywood Bowl’s Museum Terrace includes hors d’ouvres and open bar. Cash bar available at Museum Terrace during the show."


              I might bring some left-over chinese and/or just make due on the hors d’ouvres.

              See ya there! (Save a brownie fer us! ;)

          2. If you do come from Hollywood and Highland, I have enjoyed both Vert and The Grill. I think BYO is your best bet, though.