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Sep 29, 2007 08:50 PM

good food near city park

I will be in N.O. for Voodoo Fest the last weekend of OCT and want to eat some good food. I will be staying at the French Market Inn so any place that would be on the way to or from City Park would be good. I would like to eat before and after the show every day so I don’t have to spend lots of money on not so good food at the festival.

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  1. Port of Call on Esplanade opens at 11. Great burgers with a large baked potato should sustain you most of the day. Get there at least 10:45 and get in line. Afterwards, Lola's on Esplanade.

    1. Not near City Park, but a short walk down Decatur St from your hotel you'll find Coop's Place, which will be a great post-fest place for dinner. It's a total dive bar that serves great, reasonably priced food. And they serve late, usually until at least midnight, later if there's sufficient demand. Look for me there after the fest, too!

      1. If your route is along Esplanade, there are many choices. Port of Call has arguably the best burgers in town (at Esp. & Dauphine). Lil Dizzy's is also on Esplanade by the interstate and has lunch and brunch on the weekends. They have good fried chicken and a great brunch buffet. Manchu at Esplanade and Claiborne also has good fried chicken. Further down Esplanade and closer to City Park is Asian Pacific (sushi and pacific island), CC's coffee house for pastries and coffee (duh), Cafe Degas for french food and sunday brunch, and La Vita for pizza and general italian. Also, Terranova's and Canseco's are neighborhood grocery stores at Esplanade & Grand Route (more or less) where you can buy po boys or snacks. Two others to seriously consider are Liuzza's By The Track, right off of Esplanade at Lopez and is a perfect example of a New Orleans neighborhood restaurant, and Parkview Bakery at Hagan & Toulouse, near where Bayou St. John ends which has the city's best roast beef po boys.

        Have a great time.

        1. Well....the part of the park they do Voodoo in is very close to some of the most devasted parts of New Orleans (Lakeview) so this could be tough. I haven't been down Harrision Ave in a while so can't give too much advice there. I do know that Tony Angelos is open if you want some really good authentic Italian.
          Otheriwse...your gonna have to stick to Esplanade I Lola's, Liuzza's and Cafe Degas would be my other suggestion.

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            While I would first send someone from out of town to Liuzza's By the Track or Lola's, when looking for a place to eat near City Park, a couple of places on and off of Harrison have reopened and are very good for those of us who live in the area. I eat often at Dixie Chicken and Ribs, Reginellis for pizza and salads, and Lakeview Harbor for great burgers. If that's what you're looking for, then these places are open and close.

            1. re: pilaf

              And a bit closer to the lake, Russell's Marina Grill is open, too.

            2. re: jamielynn

              Voodoo is not going to be in Marconi Meadows, so forget the Harrison Ave locale. Anything on Esplanade will be a good bet, but also consider locations along the streetcar route, a good mode of transportation to the concert site. Near Canal Street we have Juan's Flying Burrito, Venizia (Italian), Doson's Noodle House (Asian), Little Tokyo (sushi and hibachi), two Mexican joints whose names escape me at the moment, and for dessert, the irrepressible Brocato's (ice cream, gelato, ices, cannoli).

              1. re: hungry penguin

                actually voodoo will be in marconi meadows this year... they had to move it. The bulldog is also not very far away and has very good bar food.

                1. re: malenky

                  Yes, I saw the Bulldog, Elysian Fields?, but do not know the food. It looked to be very much open.


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    It is on canal blvd. It is bar food. They have good nachos, burgers...sometimes they have a specials like gumbo or something like that. It is nice with big leather couches and a nice size outdoor patio. They have a very extensive beer on tap offering. It is a good after-work get together type of place.

                    1. re: malenky

                      Yes, of course. It's just been too danged many years, since I lived there, and I wrote, before I thought. Thanks for the correction.


              2. re: jamielynn

                Harrison Ave. was still devastated in Aug. It appeared that only one food store, and a few fast food outlets had opened, though it was very hard to tell. I think that the Esplanade suggestion is better, unless I missed something that did not stand out to me. Maybe in another six months.


              3. Oooooh yeah I actually love the food at bull dog!