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Best Glatt Kosher Butcher in Brooklyn?

The recent pan of Pic n Pay is leading me to ask for recommendations for the best glatt kosher butcher with a good hashgacha, in Brooklyn. I usually shop in Glatt Mart, and I'm pretty satisfied, but I would like to compare it with others.

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        Avenue P and the low easts, like east 6th maybe? it's on the same side of the street as Cake Center

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          I & D is located between East 4th and East 5th on Avenue P.

      2. Glatt Mark on Kings Highway.
        Mountain Fruit has a selection of reasonably priced meats.
        Moishes on Ave. M has a decent stock with decent prices.
        Avi Glatts selection varies, but they are larger then moishes and mountain fruit and have competitive prices, they also have some harder to find meats.

        Glatt Mart is ridiculously expensive.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I'm familiar with Mountain Fruit, & Moishe's supermarkets, but not with their meats.
          Where is Avi Glatt, and where on Kings Highway is Glatt Mark?

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            Avi Glatt is on Quentin Between Coney and 12? Its around the corner from the KFC.
            Glatt Mark is on Kings Highway and 11, these are estimates. I'm not one hundred percent sure but pretty close.
            Don't get me wrong. Glatt Mart has the best quality meat out of all of them. But the price is not justified.

            Moishes Meat is good when its fresh, and thay have some ridiculous sales.
            I have never gotten bad meat at mountain fruit, their chicken is really cheap .

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            Can't seem to find it now. Maybe it was removed for some reason, but, in a recent thread here on Chowhound kosher, there was a negative comment and some feedback.

          2. The new Satmar meat store on Ave J and E. 12. The meat is very fresh and not repackaged

            1. I just saw an ad in Hewlett/Woodmere edition of the Pennysaver from Pick N Pay. They are selling Beef Rib Steaks, Beef Flanken and Beef Brisket 1st cut for $5.99 a pound. Is there ANY kosher store/butcher in Brooklyn, Queens or the 5 towns that has prices anywhere near what Pick N Pay charges. Since my wife usually does the shopping I can't swear, but my recollection is that here in the 5 towns the prices for these items are way higher, more like $10-$12 a pound.

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                Pic n Pay often charges really low prices for specials. They've had this one before. When you go in and look at the meat, you kinda see why its so cheap. Plus there's the questionable hashgacha, sources, etc...
                In Brooklyn rib steaks are between 9-12. I often see it for 9.

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                  I have heard people question the kosher reliability of Pic n Pay.

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                    Kashrus aside, does Pick N Pay have any meaningful competitors or are they the cheapest boys in town.

                    I don't quite buy the "how the meat looks" line. To me most places have meats that look just about the same, only the prices differ. When a reasonably large establishment buys meat, they tend to buy mostly whole carcasses. I don't think Pick N Pay says; sell me sickly animals so I can sell it cheaply. I also don't think that they would sell "good" cuts of meat to other establishments while buying the rejects in return.

                    If you tell me that their prices are lower because they use cheap supervision, I can buy that to a point, but the price difference is too great for this to be the only reason (if it is even true).

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                      There is 100% a difference in the cuts of meat between pic n' pay and say I & D in Brooklyn. I stopped going to Pic n' Pay years ago once I realized that chopped meat should be red - not brown.

                      1. re: pitagirl

                        My husband and I, formerly Brooklyn residents, now drive in to shop for meat (prices are SO much lower than at Supersol). We normally head to pic n pay for chicken and the extra lean ground veal, which I love and buy a ton of for cooking. However I think the meat there is of mediocre quality. We've had some good strip steaks, but I find that generally the cuts are too thin for steaks, the ground beef has some funny "off" flavors, and the cuts for roasts, briskets etc tend to not be "high quality." If you read a cookbook that describes how the cut should look when purchased (e.g. brisket should have a fat cap, steaks should be thick enough to sear while remaining pink inside) you can see that the pic n pay has mediocre cuts at best. I find that the cuts are much better at Glatt Mart, and they will cut what I ask if I don't see it on the shelf. Never been to I&D. Also, despite the fact that I am panning Supersol, the guys will special order stuff for you and the Empire chicken tastes the same no matter where you buy it. I'd rather get it for less money!

              2. I am a first (and last) time on-line purchaser from Avi Glatt kosher in Brooklyn. I live in the Baltimore area, but was born and raised in Brooklyn. I thought I would give Avi Glatt a try because I have had a hard time finding good quality veal scallopini roasts and frenched baby lamb chops in my corner of the world. The web pictures of the meat cuts are totally deceiving on the Avi Glatt web site. I ordered the frenched lamb chops at about $16.99/lb - their most expensive lamb chops. I received very thin cuts of shoulder (not rib) lamb chops with parts of each chop sliced WITH the meat grain. Clearly inferior quality and certainly not what was pictured as true frenched lamb chops. At that price, I expected a rib lamb chop with a "clean" bone and approximately 1 inch thick center round of meat at the top of the lamb rib. Glatt kosher rib lamb chops available in Baltimore range from $13 - $17/lb. Shoulder lamb chops locally are about $9-12/lb and even those are thicker sliced than what I received (but did not order) from Avi Glatt. The only thing Avi Galtt did right was ship it via DHL ($16 delivery charge fee, but I thought if the quality were better than what I could get locally, it could be worth it). The meat arrived on the day I expected and was frozen when I accepted delivery at my door (something I expected might be the case in order to assure non-spoiled meat after "travel"). But - such poor meat quality for the price is unforgivable! So - the take home lesson for meis: for quality meat DON'T shop on line from Avi Glatt. By the way - I wrote a "first review" for the French lamb chops that I ordered on their website. There were no previous reviews to read. My review of their product has not been posted to date. No surprise there....

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                  The problem with most online retailers selling meat is that their pictures are very deceiving. Once you receive the product, it’s not at all what you expected. Especially for the price, you expect to get what you pay for.
                  In my search for online retailers selling kosher meat, I have found that another company called Glatt On Demand lives up to their pictures found on their website. For the most part, All of the pictures which you see on their website are accurate. What you see is what you get. Plus for Baltimore they have shipping rates as low as 9.99.
                  Overall their prices are decent and the service is friendly. Their website is www.glattondemand.com. Hope that helps

                  1. re: shlomo99

                    Thanks - I may give it a try. For the record, Avi Glatt refunded the cost of the lamb (but not the delivery charge). This finally occurred after a few conversations with both me and my husband, and our email that included photographs of their unopened and clearly store labeled "frenched lamb chops".

                2. I am an I& D fan. Hes just like the old time butcher. If you need something special or unusual he will oblige. If hes not around most of the staff knows there stuff.He now carries fresh fish and an entire line of prepared items. Meals to go, chicken shapes and fingers made of white meat chicken(not chicken parts) and many middle eastern foods from the freezer.(met stuffed grape leaves, little meat pies, kibbe(bulgur shells stuffed with meat then fried) and others. His meat is excellent. My rack of lamb was succulent this holiday. His flat cut brisket is always great. You can get chicken cutlets already sliced thin so you don't have to pound them. He also has organic poultry and meats including non-cured hot dogs. Give it a try. you'll be happy. he might be a little more expensive but I always find that my hard work in the kitchen goes further when you start with quality ingredients and a tough piece of meat is just a waste of money.

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                    Does anyone know who gives the supervision to I & D? Is it considered a reliably accepted orthodox hechsher? How do their prices compare with Glatt Mart?

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                      He is under the supervision of the Vaad of Flatbush and all his meat is Beit Yosef. He has a store in West Hempstead also and its a great service to the community. His meat is great and he also runs weekly specials.

                  2. Satmar Butcher is superb - excellent quality, freshness, service
                    82 Lee Ave. in Williamsburg
                    5023 New Utrecht Ave. in Borough Park

                    1. glatt mark on kings highway i think between E10-11th, the best steaks, turkey breasts, stuffed chickens. they are beit yosef. great middle eastern prepared foods too. all around, the best.

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                        1507 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
                        (718) 951-7112‎
                        Open Sun-Tues 7 am-9 pm, Wed 7am-11 pm, Thurs 7 am-midnight, Fri 7 am-4 pm


                      2. BUYER BEWARE!!!! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!!!
                        AVIGLATT took my order and credit card info. charged me and never sent my order. they were helpful on the phone. but getting someone there to help me with my problem has proved impossible. they just keep transferring you until you get a voice mail, or a phone line that never gets answered!! emails never get response either (i got a reply immediately when i enquired about ordering).

                        1. Glatt Mark on East 10th and Kings Highway
                          There's a place on Kings Highway and East second or third - the corner - they have an orange awning - great meats and really nice prepared foods also.

                          1. In my previous job, I used to install systems.

                            Systems utilising electronics for business purposes.

                            Anyway, I installed these systems in various places, and I worked in many commercial kitchens, both kosher and non-kosher (Babbo, for example, which explains my lifelong disdain for Mario Batali, that fat schmuck).

                            The reason I bring this up is to point out that Glatt Mart has the second cleanest commercial kitchen I have ever seen in my entire life. I don't live in Brooklyn anymore, but if I did, I would never buy meat anywhere other than Glatt Mart. Screw the price, they've got the best meat and the cleanest kitchen and the best butchers anywhere.

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                              What is the address of the Glatt Mart that is super clean? Online I see a Glatt Mart on Avenue M but other posters on this thread keep referring to a Glatt Mart on Kings Highway and East 10th.

                              Thank you!

                              1. re: Esty

                                Well, those posts are from 3 1/2 years ago; is it possible the store no longer exists, or moved?

                                1. re: queenscook

                                  It's definitely an old post!
                                  Glatt Mart on ave M has a spotless meat prep area, but I don't like to shop there. The meat is very expensive and the staff is rude.

                                2. re: Esty

                                  Glatt Mark, not Glatt Mart, is next door to Baskin Robbins on Kings Highway, across the street from Fox's, between Coney Island avenue and EAst tenth