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Sep 29, 2007 08:18 PM

Vic Hong - Richmond Hill review

When the location on East Beaver Creek closed, we were forced to drive to their Markham location for our Vietnamese fix. So we were quite pleased when we saw that they were going to re-open in Richmond Hill, at the corner of Major Mac and Bayview.

We went in tonight - their first night of real business (they had a private party yesterday), and sad to say, they were not quite ready for prime time. Let's start off with the good parts:

First, the room is quite attractive, but small - only 13 tables. Every table was full when we arrived, and we had to wait about 10 minutes for a seat. Although things did slow down after a while, the room was still more than half full when we left.

The menu is pretty much the same as at the old location: a number of different pho, and platters that mix grilled shrimp, beef, chicken, and pork in various combinations. We ordered a couple of plates of spring rolls, a beef and chicken combo, a shrimp and BBQ pork combo, and the centre vietnamese noodle soup. Then we waited... and waited... and waited.

The two waitresses were run off their feet, even in that small a room. It took over 40 minutes before we received our spring rolls - spring rolls! What was really galling was that two tables that were seated after us got their food before we had anything to eat. Then, after waiting more than 30 minutes, our waitress came by and told us that two of the dishes we ordered were out. I offered to go to the nearby Dominion; she was not amused. (I also noted that their lobster/fish tank was completely empty when we came in.) We finally told her "Please just bring us some food".

The spring rolls were not as crisp as they usually are; I wonder if this was harried cooks. The centre vietnamese soup was OK, but not quite as spicy as it normally is. We finally got shrimp, chicken, and pork chop on noodles and rice; they were fine, but it took over an hour to get them on the table. Our waitress looked like she was ready to snap, so we took it easy on her.

Bottom line: they need a few more days (weeks?) to shake out the bugs. We'll probably try them out in November and see if they have improved.

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  1. Can you tell me if they offer pho ga (chicken) as well as any vegetarian options?

    Thanks kindly!

    1. I hope it works out because their e beaver creek location was my reliabile take out spot for over a decade. It was a sad day when they closed.

      I went to their kennedy and steeles location and was rather disappointed.

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      1. re: aser

        All I can say is, their pho, although tasty, is a little light on the meat and heavy on the noodles.

      2. We had a similar experience this weekend.

        Our family of 4 decided to try the new Vic Hong last Saturday at 6pm, since we used to visit the Beaver Creek location. It was truly the worst service I have ever had at any restaurant ever!

        I ordered beef pho, my daughter ordered fried pork + spring roll w/ vermicelli, son ordered grilled pork + spring roll w/ vermicelli, hubby ordered rice with sliced beef and shrimp with pineapples. My pho arrived quickly, but the waitress seemed very confused and unsure whether it belonged on our table. Although it was tasty, the presentation was gross (the broth had spilled onto the saucer below), and the it looked quite oily. My son's vermicelli arrived 5 minutes later. .... and that was it for a full 25 minutes.

        Finally my hubby's rice arrived, and it was very tasteless. My daughter's vermicelli order (which was almost identical to my son's order), but she chose fried pork, arrived well after the 3 of us had finished our dishes. Poor thiing! I wish the vermicelli was worth the wait but it only made us nostalgic for the vermicelli at Mini Viet.

        Ugh! If you want good Vietnamese with great service and atmosphere, go to Mini Viet. I wish we had!

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        1. re: goodmom8

          Gotta agree with the negative reviews thus far... we went there tonight (monday night), only because Restoran Malaysia was closed. The place was only 1/3 full, and the kitchen was painfully slow in putting out dishes. This is not high end presentation stuff we're talking about here... any cook with proper prep time and a decent understanding on how a kitchen works should be able to push out these kinds of dishes in minutes.

          When the food finally did arrive, it was boring. BBQ meat platter was very low quality meat and overly sweetened. Curry beef was bland, and the baguette bread they gave was cold (unlike the fantastic piping hot ones they serve at Saigon Star). The shrimp with rice was just that, with a bit more sweet sauce mixed in (at least the shrimps were better quality than their meats). The absolute worse was the drinks... we ordered one Rambutan juice drink... it came from one of those canned fruits you can buy from any chinese supermarket, along with all the syrup from the can and some ice... for $4! Unless you enjoy sitting under 20 different chandeliers, the food and kitchen service is simply atrocious.