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Sep 29, 2007 07:26 PM

Moderate priced French?

Anyone have any suggestions for a french restaurants that are decently priced and have a good atmosphere for a younger group? Budget is about $50 each including drinks and neighborhood doesn't really matter too much. Thanks!

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  1. La Lunchonette [sic] on 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

    1. Jules; check other GV sites-- frankly, I've begun to think this is not the best place, i.e., NYC, to look for what you ask. There are a number of completely all right moderately priced French bistros, but not showcase restaurants as such. Am interested to hear what other Chowhounds have to say about this.

      1. We love <a href=";Lucien&lt;/a> in the East Village - modest price, traditional but always good bistro fare in a great space and location.

        1. Try
          La Mirabelle,
          102 W 86th St (@ Columbus Ave)
          New York, NY 10024
          (212) 496-0458
          Good food, relaxed atmosphere, low key.

          1. Gavroche on 14th Street. Good food, lovely garden, charming hostess. You can check out their menu online.

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              Second the suggestion for La Mirabelle. We find it very much like bistros in France...understated but traditional preparation.

              1. re: hopegoode

                I also like La Mirabelle, but I would also suggest Capsouto Freres downtown on Washinton street. It's not exactly a 'young crowd' but the room is beautiful and the neighborhood is pretty cool.