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Sep 29, 2007 06:44 PM

Apple Cider Donuts at Rock Center Farmer's Market

Longshot, but anyone know the name of the Orchard that sells apple cider donuts at the Rock Center Farmer's market? I know they have a bakery online and I used to buy a bunch for my husband and daughter and freeze them. I've forgotten the name of the orchard. We're in Brooklyn and the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market stands both have god awful versions.


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  1. The Orchards of Conklin. Can't find a website for them though.

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    1. re: Boswell

      Boswell, thanks for the reply -- you are correct! I googled my brains out and found it the other night. It's spelling Concklin. In case you want to order:

      1. re: vvv03

        great post! a co-worker brought bag of these in over the summer and they were awesome. have been addicted to them ever since, but can't bring myself to order them because i'm not sure how good they'll be and don't want ot ruin the memory.

        1. re: FattyDumplin

          Trust me, they are the best. There are two apple cider donut vendors at the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market and one sells bad donuts, the other sells terrible ones. I see people walking around happily munching on them and I want to yell, you fools! If you want to get a good apple cider donut, you must go to Rock Center! But only on Wed or Thurs! For two months during the year! Otherwise you are screwed!

          Enjoy. ;-)

          1. re: vvv03

            Good news: The web site says they also work the farmers' markets at Houston and Sixth Ave. (Sundays through 11/18), Bowling Green (Tuesdays through 12/18) and City Hall (Fridays through 12/21), plus others in Westchester and Long Island.