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Sep 29, 2007 05:48 PM

Where did Michele Lorie's in Trenton go??

Ask my in-laws to bring me down my favorite chocolate cake on their way down to visit us in DE and they came empty handed!! Said it had closed!!!!!!!

Anyone know what happened? Did they re-locate?

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  1. They closed up this past summer to "pursue other interests". There were rumors that they might sell the recipes, sell the business or even start franchising, but I haven't heard that anything transpired.
    The holidays won't be the same without them. Best cheesecake I've ever had.

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    1. re: BCjr

      My brother-in-law was in mourning when they closed. He absolutely loved their cheesecakes.

    2. Now a Florida resident but a born and raised Trentonian, we discussed Michele Lorie Cheesecake at the Thanksgiving table and it was noted that "they retired".

      1. They have gone but there's a new place in the shopping center across from the K-Mart on WhitehorseAveue in Hamilton Twsp., though a different brand. I make great cheesecake so simple, just crush a strip(you get three)of cinnamon or honey grahams and 1 melted stick of butter. Press in springform pan and bake for a few minutes(I do like 10 mins)throw 3 8oz cream cheese 1 C sugar 8oz sour cream and 1 T vanilla in blender, pour in pan and wrap with foil around to prevent leaking. Put on cookie sheet and bake 350 for 1 hour 15 mins till golden with a pan of water below. Cool and serve with fruit like fresh strawberries with glaze(1 cup strawberry jelly melted) or plain, very creamy like Michelle's ENJOY!!!!!

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          We were very disappointed last year when we noticed they had closed after one of dd's dance competitions. I always enjoyed their cakes almost as much as Juniors but for much, much cheaper. The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes are not in the same leage. Maybe I will try Sadie's on Rt. 33.

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            I am not familiar with Michele Lories, but if you like cheesecake, you might want to give Mother's Cheesecakes a try. They have an outlet store in Burlington City and the prices are incredibly cheap. The cheescakes are really delicious, and I ahve been pleased with the quality.

        2. Does anyone have any NEW info on Michele Lorie cheesecake? Might someone be using the recipe under a different name?

          1. A true end all treat for the generations that have enjoyed Michele Lorie's... holidays, any moment and I miss home flavor. If anything could bring retirment out of that business, it would be a blessing.