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Sep 29, 2007 05:26 PM

Boulder - party help please

I'll be traveling to Boulder for a few days and while there I'll need to have a drinks (beer and wine will suffice) and heavy apps/light dinner for about 25 people. Can a local CH recommend a good place with a private room that I might try to contact? We'll be starting from the general neighborhood of the 29th St Mall.

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  1. The 29th Street development is awash with chains, many of them "family-oriented" w/ no liquor and/or no private rooms. Two possibilities come to mind right at 29th Street. Laudisio (excellent Italian fare, good wine list; don't know whether they have a private room; call 303-442-1300). Nearby is a new 2nd location of a Santa Fe restaurant called Railyard Restaurant & Saloon (haven't eaten there; don't know about a private room; 303-449-0039).

    Better to assemble the group downtown. The Kitchen is a good bet. Their upstairs wine bar can be reserved by groups. Food is great and organic, very Boulder; 303-544-5973). The West End Travern's heated rooftop deck is always a hit w/ groups. Informal fun. There are even pix at

    Other recommendations: Prima (downtown, Italian); The Boulder Cork (north of town on 30th Street; excellent private space, large portions of commendable food), and two downtown hotels (St. Julien and Boulderado) that accommodate private parties and have fine food, drinx and service too.


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      Thanks! This is a great help. I'll call around today and see what I can get. I'm leaving for Boulder in the morning equipped with all the CH recs I could find and my Boulder Weekly 'best of' list with editorials from Clair (I'm guessing you are one in the same) - so thanks for both.

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        Yes, cburnsi, I'm the same one who blogged my take on the Boulder Weekly's most recent best-of list. Thanks for noticing -- and I hope that you find the perfect venue for your festivities,

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        Hey Guys

        On the same subject I'm planning a 10 to 15 person dinner "party" for late October. I'm also new to Boulder, and having friends in for this event. Do you think the rooftop decks will still be warm/comfortable for people from the midwest and southeast at this time of year?

        Or, should I forget that crazy idea and opt for indoors?

        Thanks for any advice!

        1. re: mattmarn

          Matt, The weather could be great in late October or it could be chilly, rainy, or snowy. We usually get a first snow by the end of October, so I'd opt for something indoors.