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Sep 29, 2007 04:53 PM

Daves Bar-b-que?

Silverdale is getting a Daves Bar-b-que, apparently the are a chain. Has anyone tried them out?

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  1. Daves is a chain based out of Minnesota. Ribs are over salted and over seasoned. The side orders are worse than prison food. Cornbread, corn on the cobb, slaw, etc are all inedible. Overly cheery servers will add to the surreal experience of being the victim of a franchise who business model is a pandemic event. Not Chow-worthy.

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    1. re: Leper

      On the other hand...

      I quite like Dave's, especially for a chain outfit. I agree with Leper about the excessively-perky servers (one reason we usually do takeout), but not on much else. I particularly like some of their sides--the coleslaw and Wilbur beans especially, and the pickles they serve on the side with sandwiches. Can't speak for the ribs--I usually get a pulled pork sandwich--but those are downright tasty, IMHO. Good sauce.

      To each their own!

      1. re: Leper

        A little over dramatic maybe? Worse than prison food? Inedible? They wouldn't be in business if that were the case. The food isn't the quality of a local outfit, but it's certainly edible and maybe even not all that bad.

        1. re: beerambassador

          The corn on the cobb they serve would had a better fate if converted to ethanol rather than as a side order at Dave's.

      2. If Red Lobster is one of your dining destinations, you'll enjoy Dave's.

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        1. Rarely is chain que as good as a local joint, and Dave's is no exception. One possible exception is Shane's. I have liked the food there, but as for Dave's, try it once but I predict you will not return.

          1. They're based in Minneapolis, MN. I have to agree they're pretty mediocre overall. Their restaurants in Minneapolis neighborhoods of Linden Hills and Uptown are okay, but there are much better bbq joints around. I mostly like the Uptown location for live music.