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Pasta Restaurant in Victoria, Canada [Moved from Pacific Northwest board]

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Hi there,

We're running the Victoria Half-Marathon and need a good pasta place to carbo-load the night before. We'll be by where the Parliament building is, so we're looking for somewhere around the area. It would be nice to go to a laid-back place that is reasonably priced and has some good pasta selections. Any suggestions?

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  1. Look at Zambris. Great restaurant that provides a buffet in the afternoon. Food is very fresh and authentic. In the evening it turns into a very formal sit down with a fabulous tasting menu.

    Cafe Brio is a decent chain in Victoria, and II Terrazzo is another great option.

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      Agree with Zambris. Pagliacci's is another option, right downtown.

      I totally recommend Brio and Il Terrazzo but neither is huge on pasta (especially Brio) and Brio is definitely not a chain.

    2. eternalX:

      A bit may depend upon your definition of "carbo-loading" and how concerned you are or are not about the sauce v. the pasta. There is your typical "tourist trap" Spaghetti Factory in Victoria if you just want pasta [LOL...cannot believe I sent a post to Chowhound mentioning a Spaghetti Factory].

      The recommendations above pretty well cover what we know of Victoria but to be frank, Italian is not usually what we are looking for when visiting.

      Zambri's as previously noted is excellent but we have only gone for lunch. Love their rustic attention to things like duck over polenta rather than pasta.

      Il Terrazo was a disappointment the first time we visited but very good the next time we had lunch. But as victoriafoodie indicated, their menu does not specialize in pasta. The veal was excellent.

      1. I would second the recommendation for Pagliacci's which is walking distance from the Parliament Buildings and has big portions at reasonable prices and is very laid back.
        Zambri's is lovely but a little more "upscale" than it sounds like you're looking for.

        1. Reporting back. Cafe Brio was delicious and we had a great meal there that included three pastas, chicken confit starter and the braised short ribs. Service started out good but ended poorly.

          Pagliacci, on the other hand, was a completely forgettable lunch and was surprised anybody recommended this place. Maybe because they serve bland pasta in big portions, which could be good for some running a race the next day.

          We also had a great post-race lunch at Noodle Box. i wish we had something similar in Seattle.

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            Bummer on Pag's, eternalX. It's usually pretty decent.

            Glad to hear you went to Brio. It's one of my favourites.

            Hope the race went well.

          2. I went to Il Terrazzo for dinner this summer and the service was bottom-of-the-barrel abysmal. When we asked for a wine suggestion the waitress said, "The wine list is right in front of you." Thanks for that informative answer... and it was downhill from there. I'm only twenty-three so I'm used to being spoken down to in nice restaurants, but I was with a bunch of fifty-somethings. I will NEVER return. I believe most runners "load up" at the Old Spaghetti Factory; I used to work in the neighbourhood and there would always be a HUGE line the evening before races. It's nothing special but the portions are massive. Keep it in mind for next time.