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Lunch in Lambertville

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My husband and I spent a glorious day in Lambertville. We ate lunch at Lilly's on the Canal, and I wish we could say the food was as wonderful as the weather. Even mid-afternoon, the service was slow and a bit on the oblivious side. My salmon club was lukewarm and difficult to eat: thick slices of unremarkable 7 grain bread, grilled salmon in desperate need of salt, and cucumber slices left unpeeled which were difficult to bite through. The whole thing was too cumbersome to eat neatly with hands and with utensils. My husband's panini arrived cold.(we noticed other diners were left foodless for quite awhile.) The meal was disappointing.

I've eaten dinner there and have had lunch at the Doylestown location, always hoping for food that I'd return for, but that's not happened. They seem to do great business; what am I missing?

Has anyone else had this experience? Also, where can we find a great lunch in Lambertville?

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  1. My husband and I found a nice little spot in Lambertville for lunch called Cafe Galleria. I cannot recall the streets, but here is the website address: http://www.caffegalleria.com/ It's not a formal restaurant, but it is nice and casual and the food is excellent. All kinds of vegetarian options as well as non-veg options and affordable. This place was recommended to us by someone else and we've not had a bad meal there. I don't know about Lilly's, but some of the other restaurants we've tried in Lambertville have been hit or miss.

    1. Thanks for that report, wandasue. I found it interesting for this reason. Early last year, we were in Lambertville and looking for a place to have dinner that we hadn't tried before, so we stopped in at Lily's. It being mid-week and winter, it was not busy. After we were seated upstairs, I perused the menu, and for some reason I couldn't quite put my finger on, nothing on it appealed to me, so we left. Now that I've read about your experience, I'm glad we did.

      I have no clue where to find a great lunch in Lambertville because we've only had dinner there, and the restaurants I'm familiar with don't serve lunch.

      1. I'm not sure I would call it "a great lunch" but we've always enjoyed the Full Moon Cafe on Bridge Street. It is very popular on weekends so we usually go a little late. No problems on week days.

        The Full Moon is primarily a breakfast and lunch place but they do serve dinner whenever there is a full moon. I've never been to dinner so can't comment on this aspect of their business. I also understand that if your birthday coincides with the full moon, your dinner is free!

        1. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience. We only like Lilly's for lunch - their dinner menu never seems to have anything on it that we find appealing. When my husband worked in Lambertville sometimes we'd meet there for lunch so I've only gone during the week and service was always good.

          As for the food, my favorite sandwich is their Cubano and the fries are always fantastic. My husband likes the grilled chicken with plantains, avocado, etc. I've also had a few of the salads and found them all to be good.

          Like with anything it's completely possible that you hit them on a bad day, but it sounds like you aren't thrilled with their food in general if you've eaten at the Doylestown restaurant and weren't happy there either.

          1. One of my favorites is Lambertville Station...service, food, and wine list are excellent. Great before an afternoon of shopping and gallery-hopping. :)

            1. My SO and I had lunch at Lilly's on Saturday. We arrived at 2:30 and the hostess, who was chatting on her cell phone, didn't even acknowledge us...we were finally seated by a bus boy. The stereo speakers were blaring some type of bad disco/electronica...some light jazz or blues would have been more conducive to dining and relaxing. It was loud enough for the diner across from us ask to have it turned down. Food was passable. I had another encounter with the hostess (still on her cell phone) when I asked her where the restroom was...she looked annoyed and pointed a finger in the general direction.

              Needless to say, we'll be having lunch elsewhere next time. :)

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                you can always picnic @ Howell Living Farm, just down the road in Lambertville. Every weekend there is a free event, there are picnic tables and clean bathrooms. They have a "store" that sells cooked items too. www.howellfarm.org

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                  Go over the bridge a little ways and go to Peddlers village. Sundays they have THE BEST BRUNCH at The Cock and Bull...DEB

              2. Try Anton's at the Swan. For my money, it is the best restaurant in town. Towns, if you want to include New Hope. The food is delicious- lots of stuff from local sources (like Griggstown Quail Farm, etc...) prepared skilfully without frills or frippery. The front of the house staff is professional as well. And the cocktails are dandy tastin'.

                Its in the Swan hotel, a block or two off the main street, Main Street, on Swan Street