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Friend opening Italian Restaurant....gift ideas?

A good friend is opening a new restaurant in the next week or so and we're at a loss as to what to give him for a gift. No plants please, as many have already arrived at the new place. Thanks for your input fellow chowhounds.

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    1. A positive review or the first advert framed or laminated.

      1. A lovely vase, tapestry or some nice art for the wall? Or pay for an add in a local magazine or newspaper.

        1. What about a special bottle or two of wine? Something either for opening night or to save for the anniversary?

          1. A case of nice Italian table wine?

            1. I think that opening a restaurant would be stressful and time-consuming, especially when it comes to one's private life ( presumably nil at this point). Would a nice home cooked meal (full meal, loads of muffins for breakfasts - some perhaps frozen- delivered to his door suit him (and family, if applicable)? Restrauteurs (is he a chef/owner?) cook for everyone else, all the time. I would imagine having someone else take care of his meal would be nice. We all get sick of our own cooking. Maybe make him something NOT Italian?

              1. Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions...I think they are all great. I think I am leaning toward the ad. His wife is an artist..so the whole place is filled with her work. He seems to get truffles on a regular basis, in fact he gave me two recently. He is the owner/chef, and one would think he would love to have someone else cook for him, but anytime I've extended and invitation....he tells me that he would have to cook...I've said to him that he might enjoy the experience...eyes roll at this point! So, I am thinking that doing an ad for him might be a good plan. Again, thanks for all your wonderful suggestions!

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                  Money, they'll need it! Just kidding, but not really. The best gift you can give him is patronage. Go often and tell all your friends!

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                    Texchef...you are so right...about the patronage and spreading the word...yeah, probably the money thing too...but don't we all.

                2. Starting up any new biz is time consuming & stressful (along with exhilarating) and they have probably been burning the candle from both ends. Gift certificates for massage might be just the ticket.