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Sep 29, 2007 03:31 PM

Ox tails?

I want to make oxtails for dinner one night but can't seem to find them? Does anyone know where to get them in Chicago? If possible, in the Logan Square area...


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  1. You might want to try Fox and Obel

    1. Try the Paulina Meat market - 3501 N. Lincoln. One of the best selections of meat in town. I've bought Ox Tails there before.

      I have had better deals at the butcher shops along Randolph Street in the West Loop, but that's not particularly convenient for you.

      I would imagine you could also get a better deal at H-Mart in Niles if you ever get up there. Its an interesting place to visit if you need odd cuts of meat. I have never looked for Ox Tail there, but I imagine they would have it.

      1. I get mine at a local indie market. I am sure there must be some place close to where you live to get them. Chicago Meat on Cicero probably has them. I would also check the Tony's on Fullerton or a local Mexican or Puerto Rican butcher. In Spanish they are called rabos.

        Chicago Meat Market
        3021 N Cicero Ave
        Chicago, IL 60641
        Phone: (773) 777-7116

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        1. re: Roger Spark

          Note that the Tony's on Fullerton is the very weak link in the Tony's minichain. The Tony's in the 4100 block of North Elston is vastly better.

          The Cermak Produce store at 4234 North Kedzie is about two miles north of the heart of Logan Square, always stocks ox tails (sometimes also veal tails) and carries a larger and more diverse range of meats and produce than the other Cermak stores on the North Side. This store is a lot more than a Mexican grocery store.

          1. re: Eldon Kreider

            Good to know. I had never actually been to the Tony's on Fullerton, I just assumed they were the same.

            I like the Cermak produce on Cicero and Diversey. I think when Supermercado Morelia opened across the street, the competition forced Cermak to take it up a notch. I love their dueling dayglo sales signs in the parking lots. It's Warholesque

            1. re: Roger Spark

              The Cicero and Diversey Cermak Produce is tiny compared to the North Kedzie store although a fair amount of the added selection is aimed at non-Mexican customers.

              Another Mexican group with wide variation among stores is Carniceria Guanajuato. The difference between the store on California just south of Belmont and the store on Diversey a bit west of Austin is like night and day.

        2. Any good supermercado in your neighborhood should have them.. Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, West Africans and even Italians eat them, so I would imagine that they shouldn't be too hard to find.. Go early on a saturday morning when they should be the most fresh..

          1. try asian grocery stores